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by May club 22 Nov 2015 0 Comments

Among CHOOKE products, SPECIAL PEACE FEATHER has always been very popular; including the feather body and the silver beads and adjustment beads on the necklace, they are all made from the same silver coin of PEACE SILVER DOLLAR. Each feather has a different texture and even a slightly different size. There are differences, quite unique! CHOOKE’s accumulated experience in silver jewelry production for more than ten years cannot be underestimated!

The following will introduce the production process of SPECIAL PEACE FEATHER :

The Peace Silver Dollars 1921-1928, 1934-1935 are used.

The Peace Eagle silver coin was minted and issued after the Morgan silver coin to commemorate the end of World War I. The obverse shows the Statue of Liberty wearing a crown of light symbolizing the seven continents, and the reverse shows an eagle resting with its wings folded to symbolize peace.

Heating the PEACE SILVER DOLLAR to make it easier to cut and process

Divide PEACE SILVER DOLLAR edges and silver coins

On the left is the source of the SPECIAL PEACE FEATHER body.

The outer ring of the silver coin on the right is mainly used as the central axis of the feather, which is the stem part.

Capture the word "peace" on the silver coin

Stretch a 38mm diameter silver coin to approximately 73mm

The separated parts on the edge of the silver coin are also rolled and elongated using tools.

The PEACE SILVER DOLLAR has been stretched and stretched, and you can see a hint of the face of the Statue of Liberty.

Cut out the prototype of SPECIAL PEACE FEATHER , and the remaining silver material will be used as silver tube beads

Print the detailed feather textures one by one

Print the totem on the remaining part of PEACE SILVER DOLLAR and then cut and weld the silver tube and silver beads

Complete the other 7 silver beads on the necklace

Finally, the remaining silver coins are hammered, dissolved and trimmed into a disc shape before being printed with Chooke's signature word "福"

Cut the outer edge of the silver coin thin to facilitate subsequent work

Partially drawn into silver thread

So far, all the feather parts are ready to be completed

Weld the stem and saw the main body into a curve.

The lightness of feathers appears

Silver rope is wrapped around and fixed above

Finally, the brand silver coin image "福" and the word "peace" are combined on the back.

Especially when "福" is turned upside down, it means "luck has arrived"

Detailed processing and polishing give the unique silver coin feather luster.

Whether worn alone or paired with other accessories, SPECIAL PEACE FEATHER is outstanding!

The picture shows Chooke’s other silver coins. Since the silver coin patterns are retained on the backs, they are also suitable for wearing backwards!

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