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The eagle is sacred to Native Americans because it is the animal closest to heaven and a messenger that carries messages between gods and humans; those who can possess the feathers of an eagle must be recognized for their bravery. deeds, and the feather headdress is only qualified for tribal leaders to wear.

The United States has even enacted the Eagle Feather Law to restrict non-101 airborne members and Indians. Those who possess eagle feathers without permission will be subject to a high fine of US$25,000. In addition to being based on the provisions of the Wildlife Protection Act, the United States attaches great importance to the eagle and regards it as the national bird that represents the great symbol of freedom; various types of bald eagles can be seen in the national emblem, presidential seal, and coin images. State image display.


Based on this idea, Chooke created the original coin feather (Coin Feather), which is made from old American coins. Through cutting, curling, and knocking, the feather shape is created with special ideas, and then the coin image on the back is specially retained to make it mirror. The vivid eagle shape reflects the wear and tear of time and also tells the unique experience of the coin itself. We will introduce this charming artistic creation to you starting with the smallest coin feather:

  • Mercury Heart Feather , measuring approximately H20mm x W11mm, is made from a Mercury Dime, dated between 1916 and 1945.

The obverse of the coin shows the Statue of Liberty wearing a Phrygian hat in profile. The wings on the hat symbolize free thought. It was also named Mercury Dime because it resembles Mercury, the god of wisdom in Roman mythology. Mercury wears a winged hat and flies on flying shoes. He can fully grasp the communication of information. In ancient Rome, he was the god of commerce with a very high status, in charge of commerce, roads, eloquence, luck, etc. Mercury is also named Mercury because it moves very quickly in the sky.

The right side of the feather has a normal head on it, and the left side of the feather has a coin embossed (Hobo Nickle) skull turned upside down. It has a lucky meaning for Mercury itself, and is also engraved with the word "Fu". Women also wear it as a symbol of lucky charms.

  • Eagle feather straight, measuring approximately H32mm x W6mm, created from the Walking Liberty Half Dollar (1916-1947)

The front image shows the famous Statue of Liberty, with stars and flags draped over her shoulders and flying in her hands like branches. Looking towards the east, the sun symbolizes war-torn Europe, and the right hand symbolizes the spread of freedom. The reverse pattern shows an eagle perched on the edge of a mountain cliff, ready to spread its wings and fly high, representing fearless spirit and strength.

The small eagle feathers retain the reverse pattern, and the feathers are cut along the body to the eagle's tail feathers. The flying wings symbolize the journey to a new road.

  • The small eagle feathers are oriented left and right, measuring approximately H32mm x W6mm, and are based on the Kennedy half dollar (1964).

To commemorate U.S. President Kennedy, it was issued one month after his assassination; the reverse pattern is the U.S. national emblem, with the image of a bald eagle symbolizing strength, courage, freedom and immortality.

The eagle with right-facing feathers retains its left wing intact and its right foot holds an olive branch symbolizing peace; the left-facing eagle retains its right wing with intact feathers and its left foot grasps a bow and arrow symbolizing force.

  • The middle eagle feather is straight, measuring approximately H43mm x W9mm, and was created using one-dollar Peace Silver Dollars (1921-1928, 1934-1935).

The Peace Eagle silver coin was minted and issued to commemorate the end of World War I after the Morgan coin. The obverse shows the Statue of Liberty wearing a crown of light symbolizing the seven continents, and the reverse shows an eagle resting with its wings folded to symbolize peace.

The feathers are cut along the body to the end of the eagle's tail, showing a beautiful gradient of feathers.

  • The middle eagle feathers are oriented from left to right, measuring approximately H43mm x W9mm, and were created using a Morgan Dollar (1878-1904).

Due to the long issuance years and the many mints, Morgan silver coins alone have 97 different subtle differences, making them one of the most popular silver coins collected by collectors around the world. The front is a Statue of Liberty headband with the word Liberty on it, and the reverse is an eagle with spread wings.

Similar to the left and right eagle feathers, the right-facing feathers retain the intact left wing of the eagle and the right foot holding an olive branch symbolizing peace. The left-facing feathers retain the intact right wing of the eagle and the left foot holding three bows and arrows to show defense of freedom and freedom. Equality and independence.

Of course, the talented Chooke's Coin Feather creations are not limited to these, such as more complex SPECIAL PEACE FEATHER , more noble gold coin feathers, and other different feather types. We will continue to update them in the future.

However, in terms of matching, it can be combined into quite a few different styles. Even wearing it with an eagle on the back of the coin is quite charming! !

Each different coin has a story that the creator wants to express. The same coin also has differences in production years. Coins of the same year are more related to the experience of different handlers; because of this, Chooke's works are not just ordinary Indian style feather silver jewelry adds rich connotation to artistic creation!

Friends who have any ideas are welcome to come to the store to discuss. Friends who have Chooke are also welcome to share your outfits with us (laughs)

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