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Introduction to DuPont Comfort Control System Thermal Lining (DuPont™ ComforMax® Premium)

by May club 18 Jan 2016 0 Comments

DuPont TM ComforMax ® is also known as "DuPont cotton" or "DuPont thermal lining". The previous DuPont cotton was called Thermolite. It is also known as "hollow cotton" in the market. It is jointly produced by DuPont and Taiwan's Xinli Company. It has been promoted in the market for 40-50 years, and its thermal insulation effect has also been recognized by the market. However, DuPont in the United States transferred the trademark management rights to Invista a few years ago, so Thermolite is now jointly produced by Invista and Xinli.

DuPont has independently developed a new thermal cotton called "ComforMax", which is divided into three types to meet the needs of different applications:

  •     DuPont™ ComforMax ® Classic (DuPont multi-layer fiber structure thermal lining) : It uses the most advanced textile carding process and contains 4-5 times more fiber layers than other thermal insulation materials. This multi-layer fiber structure ensures its excellent The secret to performance. Therefore, it can achieve the best thermal insulation effect with the lightest weight.
  •     DuPont™ ComforMax ® Premium (DuPont Comfort Control System Thermal Lining) : Using DuPont's unique non-woven technology, it still brings you a feeling of comfort and warmth in harsh climate environments.
  • ComforMax ® Radiant : A special form of ComforMax ® Premium. The metal particle coating on the non-woven fabric can enhance the reflection of heat radiated by the human body. Therefore, it has better warmth retention function than ComforMax ® Premium. It is an ideal material for those who have higher requirements for warmth, such as sleeping bags.

    Here I would like to introduce to you ComforMax ® Premium, which is also used in West Ride products. Its unique non-woven polyester fiber material contains fine fibers that can trap a large amount of air, and the extremely thin non-woven fabric radiates to the human body. It has strong heat reflection ability and effectively retains heat, achieving the best warmth retention effect with the thinnest thickness.

    At the same time, this kind of non-woven fabric is made of high-pressure spinning ultra-fine fibers that are closely overlapped and laid. Therefore, the structure is dense and rich in ultra-fine micropores. The windproofness and breathability of the material are perfectly balanced; its true The open pore structure allows sweat to be quickly discharged through the material and avoids the condensation of water vapor. It can resist cold wind and dissipate sweat to help the body regulate temperature. In wet environments such as rain and snow, ComfortMax ® Premium has a certain degree of waterproof performance, and can bring you the most comfortable enjoyment in cold, windy and damp environments.

    The high performance of warmth, windproof, breathable, waterproof, etc. made ComforMax attract attention when it came out. However, because it was launched only a few years ago, its market visibility is relatively rare compared to the previous Thermolit and Thinsulate produced by 3M Company. However, its visibility in the market is relatively rare. The thermal insulation effect is not inferior, and the lifespan is longer. It is also lighter and softer. When you put it on, you can realize what is the best - light - thin - warm -

    DuPont ComforMax® Quality Label

    DuPont ComforMax® is a registered trademark of a range of DuPont products. In order to ensure that consumers can choose reliable and high-quality products in retail stores, DuPont provides quality hangtags for every piece of clothing made of DuPont TM ComforMax ® material. There is also a serial number certification on the top, so that consumers can be sure of the product when purchasing clothing. More confidence in comfort and warmth.

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