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Conrad Leach (born 1965, Canterbury, UK) is a British artist and custom motorcycle designer. He studied at Ravensbourne College of Art and Design and Hornsey College of Art, and has profound artistic skills.

After 15 years of experience in the fashion industry, he began to specialize in acrylic paintings in 1997. His works are inspired by graphic graphics and pop art, often featuring portraits of legendary figures as well as masculine images such as retro racing cars and airplanes. The use of bright colors presents a highly personally identifiable and charming character. Among contemporary artists, he is a very famous figure in the fields of punk, rock and motorcycle culture.

In addition to attracting great attention in the United Kingdom and even Europe, the work has also been handed over to EI Publishing, the publisher of well-known magazines such as CLUTCH and LIGHTNING, to be responsible for exhibition planning and marketing in Asia. In addition to holding regular art exhibitions across Japan, it will also work with a few Several iconic stores such as Addict Clothes, Schott, and Royal Flash collaborate on displays to increase the opportunity for painting fans to come into contact with the paintings.

Addict Clothes, which ranks first, is recognized by CLUTCH as "Considered one of the leading figures in the Tokyo motorcycle scene." Its British leather jackets and antique cars are highly respected. In recent years, it has been frequently reported by CLUTCH magazine, and its clothing products The line not only co-brands with local Japanese brands, but also cross-border cooperation with the world-renowned modification manufacturer DEUS.

Friends who have the opportunity to go to Tokyo may wish to experience the most classic Vintage British Motorcycle Culture at the Addict Clothes store.

4-24-26 Yotsuya, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
1PM-8PM (Tue-Fri), 12PM-8PM (Sat-Sun, Holiday) Closed on Mondays
Print: "Norton Duke" "Works ScrapperⅡ" "Norton Jack" "Gloves Off"

(Quoted source/ CLUTCH )

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