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A brief discussion on purchasing leather jackets

by May club 13 Mar 2016 0 Comments

First of all, please think of leather jackets as a kind of leather jacket. The five styles in the picture above are not the most common American knight leather jackets, British knight leather jackets, and A-2 leather jackets in Taiwan, but leather denim vests, denim jackets, In the 1930s, sports coats, oilcloth jackets, and down jackets used leather that was not cowhide, but goatskin, cowhide, horsehide, sheepskin, and deerskin. So if you often say that you have many leather jackets, Then please first check if your leather jacket has similar styles and leather? ! If you are interested, let’s continue chatting ~

I chose this time to talk about leather jackets not only because spring and autumn are the best time to wear leather jackets (leather jackets are not very warm, so in winter it is best to have a thermal layer inside, and down leather jackets are worn in cold weather), but I also want to tell you that leather jackets are not afraid of rain, even when riding a bicycle. The process of getting wet and then air-drying will make it tame properly. Remember to dry it if it gets wet and then dry it in a ventilated place. Make sure it is dry before applying oil and maintenance (we can handle all the follow-up maintenance after buying it in the store)

A good leather jacket can stay with you for decades, provided that you understand the two most important points of leather jackets, "fit" and "leather", otherwise you will never wear it for a long time! Many people always put leather clothing brands first. In fact, this is a big myth in the Taiwan market. For example, when buying jeans, would you buy Levx'x or Japanese replica pants? When buying boots, would you buy Red xxxx or Japanese handmade boots? Of course, this generally refers to the choice of high-priced leather jackets. Just because they are high-priced, you should choose carefully! There is a signboard of the century-old leather clothing brand DaZhe. Did you know that it was only registered in the 1960s? Before that, Knight leather clothing was produced by OEM, and it changed hands many times after the 1980s and was even close to bankruptcy. Now the factory and styles, Leather is no longer the same as before... So do you still believe that a very expensive antique will preserve the value of the current version you bought? Just like do you think the Levx'x or Red xxxx you buy now may have the extremely high value of old products? In this era, don’t think too much and don’t be brainwashed by fallacies It's very expensive so he can sell new ones. Really... learn more and see more so you won't suffer!

Looking back at "fit" and "leather", leather jackets are very simple. A good fit means that you are comfortable to wear and easy to move. The key is not only to be handsome but also to be easy to wear. But a leather jacket for riders cannot ride a bike? ! Even driving is painful, so aren’t you just buying a leather jacket like this to torture yourself? All leather jackets in our store are welcome to try on. You can compare and you will understand what an excellent fit is! I can’t understand this part even if I write too much about it ~

In fact, there are many myths about leather. There are many types of leather at the beginning, and they will differ depending on the place of production and factory level. Therefore, good cowhide is not necessarily cheaper than ordinary horsehide. Please break the first myth (based on Japanese Horsehide with similar production levels is actually not much more expensive than cowhide, it’s just a gimmick, and good deerskin is really more expensive). Next, it depends on what style of leather it is used on, although the thickness of the leather and the tanning method vary. I don’t want to say the influence, but the more common American knight leather jackets in Taiwan (before the 1950s in the United States, almost all were made of horsehide, and only cowhide was used later), and British knight leather jackets (in the early days in the UK, sheepskin was most commonly used to make leather jackets, with cowhide second, and horsehide instead. The skin is abnormal), and A-2 is of course horsehide, and goatskin! In fact, goatskin is the most suitable for making all kinds of leather jackets. The leather itself has both softness and toughness. Good goatskin will definitely be the most durable leather jacket you wear!

In recent years, it is common to see some leather jackets made of inappropriate leather, including horsehide that looks like a black garbage bag, or sheepskin that looks like it is sick and has terrible lines. The price is more than 40,000 yuan, which makes people shudder! Since the price is quite high, it’s really better to check out more!

Currently, the WEST RIDE leather jackets in the Taipei store and the ADDICT CLOTHES leather jackets in the Taichung store are all in stock. If you are interested, please come to the store to learn more^^

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