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"Handsome" cannot be compromised - 2 LOUD Custom (pony)

by May club 04 Aug 2017 0 Comments

The history of motorcycles is only more than 100 years ago, and Custom Bike and Motorcycle Club as a whole did not become popular until around the 1950s after World War II.

After a large number of veterans returned to the United States, most of them still had the fear and haze of the war, which made them unable to adapt to normal life. The too monotonous and impoverished life could not heal their inner trauma. They could only rely on the deep friendship among their comrades and the time spent riding motorcycles. Numb yourself with the adrenaline that comes with adventure, excitement, and danger.

The sharp rise in the popularity of motorcycles after the war indirectly led to the increase of Custom Bike and Motorcylce Club. As for the many restrictions set by the AMA (American Motorcycle Association), friction and contradictions with motorcycle enthusiasts finally broke out. Hollister Riot , leading to the emergence of numerous OMGs (outlaw motorcycle gangs) and the 1% name is another story.

Opportunities are for those who are prepared!

Xiao Ma, who studied in the mechanical department of Da'an High School in high school, wanted to accumulate various skills while still young, so he participated in the sheet metal course of the Vocational Training Bureau, where he met the mentor who changed his life - Mr. Liao Wenfeng, a trainer. There are many famous teachers who have won the gold medal championship in technical and vocational competitions in Taiwan and around the world.

Sure enough, after more than two years of training, Xiao Ma won the national skills competition (formed sheet metal welding) championship at the age of 19, and was recommended to Taipei University of Technology with this award. It can be said to be an important turning point in life, but At this moment, he is still quite confused about the future.

Is this how life is decided?

Even after he was discharged from the army, he successfully worked in a machine processing factory, but soon he became bored with the same old job. Fortunately, when he was 19 years old, he met a group of friends who loved cars and opened up a second path in his life. Two or three people huddled in a small alley next to the car dealership, relying on a welding machine and a portable grinder to rebuild an SR400 Bobber. This also gave Xiao Ma a considerable sense of accomplishment and inspiration. It turns out that his abilities are still there. Can be used on top of this.

After several years of research and hard work, Xiaoma and several friends established 2 LOUD Custom in 2013.

Competent partner

To build a handmade car from scratch requires metal processing, painting, machinery, engine motor and other technologies as well as a large number of parts to complete. Each step is interlocked, and the welding and sheet metal parts are almost the basis of all modifications. Xiaoma, who is proficient in metal processing and mechanical processes, is particularly popular in modifications.

Xiao Lu, who joined in 2015, originally had the strength to compete in the national skills competition of the technical vocational system (third place in the furniture and carpentry group). In addition, he has a deep interest in fuel engines and handmade motorcycles. However, he did not have much experience in Kaohsiung. There were many job opportunities related to handmade motorcycles, so he decided to join the engine and motor department of a car maintenance shop. He started as a low-paid apprentice and climbed up to become a technician through the accumulation of practical experience.

When Xiao Lu was 18 years old, he got a Meili 80 with only a platform and engine by chance. Since ordinary motorcycle shops had little experience in repairing old cars, he could only rely on searching for information on the Internet and start from scratch. I also consulted many seniors for advice on what I didn’t understand. Although I encountered many difficulties during the process, I finally understood my true interests and direction after successfully completing it.

With this experience in repair and modification, 2 LOUD Custom is even more powerful.

A person's success or failure depends on his attitude!

How to achieve such an achievement from the beginning of interest, in addition to relying on the original solid foundation of metal processing, "adhering" to one's own opinions and "requiring" perfection is the only way to succeed 2 LOUD Custom.

Friends who have seen the works of 2 LOUD Custom will have a hard time finding any shortcomings (personal preferences aside), from the slenderness of the proportions when viewed from a distance to the impeccable details when viewed up close, even if you are not very familiar with 2 LOUD Custom , and you can also feel the modifier’s delicacy and persistence!

In the past two years, many seniors who love the Biker subculture, or even represent the Biker subculture, have been attracted by the persistence of 2 LOUD Custom. In addition to the first two May Club As a Real Biker protagonists, the tattoo artist Atong and the barber. David 's car comes from 2 LOUD Custom, and the car ridden by pop singer Zhang Chenyue was also commissioned to be remodeled by 2 LOUD Custom.

Via Double Photography

Nowadays, 2 LOUD Custom works are often published in Free Biker, a well-known modification magazine in Taiwan. Recently, they can also be reported and introduced on foreign websites BIKE EXIF ​​and Spanish motorcycle magazine Biker Zone .

2 LOUD Custom The car shipped from the factory must be handsome.

Do not stick to any modification style, Cafe, Bobber, Tracker, Brat, Chopper, and flexibly use any car model commissioned by the customer, domestic cars, American motorcycles, Japanese cars, British cars, European cars, to make the most suitable car body The modification shows the original meaning of Custom Bike and gives the car a new value and new meaning.

Every time I am halfway through a change, I can't help but want to help the customer add more details, which often exceeds the cost.

It sounded like they were complaining, but when I saw the sparkle in Xiao Ma and Xiao Lu's eyes when they introduced the details of the car with satisfaction and excitement, I realized that doing this was no longer to explain to the guests, but to achieve the "perfection" in their hearts. .

2 LOUD (Too Loud) does not mean noisy, but loudly calls out for our cultural life, which we are proud of.

Since mid-May, the government has unreasonably banned modified vehicles on a large scale, and the two wheels have been subjected to severe high-pressure persecution. It is like returning to the White Terror period, attacking the development of the domestic modified market and subculture. But the more cruel and amplified the inspection, the more we need to set an example and let the public understand that our favorite subculture should also enjoy the protection of reasonable rights and interests, and at the same time, have fun while maintaining high standards and not affecting other people.

In the modern era of mass production of industrial machinery, handwork can break the monotony and give it character and detail.

Friends who have been following us for a long time know that May club has always been fond of Indian jewelry. This time, it is designed with related elements to launch the most representative waist chain accessory of knights, "May", which is a combination of chief and eagle. club Native American Wallet Chain』.

Handed to a master with 20 years of experience and a very demanding foundation of kung fu since the beginning of wax carving, the delicate handwork carves out an absolutely tasteful expression. The one-piece and two-sided design also has a built-in spring action structure, which is completely different from ordinary buckles. Due to the simple production method and complicated processes, only two types can be made at most every day.

Just like 2 LOUD Custom's requirements for details, we always adhere to "handsomeness" and cannot compromise; we are also so persistent when producing our own products, and our same goal is to let foreign countries see Taiwan!

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