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MAY CLUB NATIVE AMERICAN WALLET CHAIN ​​is officially on sale! !

by May club 02 Aug 2017 0 Comments

At first, May Club mainly sold Indian silver jewelry, and introduced many Japanese silver jewelry brands along the way. It recently celebrated its fifth anniversary. In addition to a series of joint items, its own brand also launched the most representative knight's items for the first time. accessories ~

Following the long clip, the waist chain series has also officially debuted. It is 100% original design and has already attracted many friends at home and abroad to look forward to it even before it is released. It uses elements familiar to both Indian culture and American knights - chiefs and eagles. combined.

The eagle is very sacred to Native Americans because the eagle is the animal closest to heaven and is also regarded as a messenger that conveys messages between gods and humans. Not everyone can have the feathers of an eagle. There must be recognized heroic deeds, and only tribal leaders are qualified to wear feather headdresses!

The chief, who has a high status in the tribe, is combined with the eagle, which symbolizes independence, freedom and strength, to create an integrated double-sided waist chain head. The chief's eyes are bright, his face is full of experience, and he matches the delicate headdress, which is quite exquisite! On the other side, the eagle's sharp eyes and powerful claws are even more shocking!

Handed to a master with 20 years of experience and a solid foundation of kung fu from the beginning of wax carving, the delicate handwork carves out an absolutely tasteful look.

The two-sided design with a built-in spring action structure is completely different from the simple production method of ordinary buckles. The complicated process makes the subsequent assembly of a waist chain head take more than four hours!

There are two versions: sterling silver and pure copper. The sterling silver version is currently launched with a waist chain head that can be used as a keychain. The sterling silver chain body will also be sold in the future. The pure copper version is equipped with the thickest brass on the market. The chain is used as a waist chain.

The brass chains on the market have smaller meshes, but the wide copper chains we use are all early products of old factories in Taiwan and are no longer produced. The first edition chain is out of print and all sold out! The chain bodies we will use next will be the two different versions on the left, which are more rugged and definitely rare to see on the market!

To do the best in every detail is what we ask of ourselves, and we also hope that people can see Taiwan through such a single product, because this is definitely a work that surpasses Taiwanese brands and can even be proud of when looking overseas, Cheers !

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