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Classic retro, oily interpretation-MG BARBER (DAVID)

by May club 04 Jul 2017 0 Comments

The rise of nostalgic culture has a great influence on modern trends. Whether it is clothing, music or heavy machine modification, etc., a retro style has been blown one after another. People no longer insist on pursuing streamlines and speed for beauty, but instead explore the essence of things; in addition to In addition to paying attention to the styles and production processes of clothing from each era, they also pay great attention to the integrity of the overall look in terms of hairstyles and accessories.

The word Barber comes from the Latin Barba (beard). It is currently interpreted in a narrow sense as a barber who specializes in men's haircuts. Its origin can be traced back to more than 3000 BC. In ancient Egypt, haircuts had to be performed by priests or doctors. It can be seen that Its status was so lofty; in the Middle Ages, barbers even served as surgeons and dentists. The red, white and blue designs on the barber lamp poles at that time symbolized arteries, veins and bandages; as time went by, barbers Gradually, he no longer engages in medical-related work, but specializes in hair design. Haircuts are so common in modern times that even visiting a barber shop every week is quite routine.

David is currently the owner of two stores, but he did not graduate from a relevant technical vocational school.

David, who worked as a swimmer to make a living when he was a student, has the same worries as most young people. Will he make a living doing this in the future? After graduation, he completed his military service full of questions, and accidentally started his career path because of a sentence he inadvertently uttered.

David chuckled and talked about the past. He had a haircut by a familiar stylist as usual that day. During the chat, he accidentally asked, "Can I learn how to cut hair from you?" "Since then, I have been barbering for fifteen years. I started as an apprentice and am now the owner of two large-scale barber shops next to Zhongli Railway Station. One of them, " Mg-Barber ", opened last year, is even more perfect. It has been my dream for more than ten years.

You already have an established hair salon, why take the risk and spend a lot of money to open a new one?

Ten years ago, David was fascinated by Japan's car modification culture. He even went to the Mooneyes Custom Show in Yokohama, which focuses on American retro culture. During the event, he not only looked at the cars, but also noticed the various styles of people at the show. , his handsome appearance attracted David very much, and he became interested in the greaser.

After returning to Taiwan, he slowly learned about the Barber culture on his own. Although he was ridiculed by ordinary people at the time for his old-school suit hair style, it inspired David to refuse to admit defeat. From then on, he vowed to open a barber shop that would be admired by everyone and would definitely be the best. A unique barber shop dedicated to promoting Barber culture in Taiwan and letting the world know that Taiwan also has handsome Barber parlors.

Oil head, leather jacket, heavy machine, classic interpretation

The popularity of the oil-head look has skyrocketed in Taiwan in recent years, but in fact the word "oil-head" can be traced back to women's hairstyles in the mid-18th century, that's right! The oily hair style originated from women. Madame Pompadour, the mistress of King Louis XV of France, was the first to comb her hair back and comb her forehead hair loosely, which became a trend at the time.

In the United States after the war, due to the economic boom, the middle class began to care about clothing, hairstyle and quality of life. Clean and neat oil hair symbolized the self-confidence of successful men; in the 1950s, when oil hair really became popular, Elvis Presley and Marlon Brando , James Dean swept the entire generation, establishing the image of a tough guy, a villain, a dashing and handsome oil man.


David started playing with cars not long after the opening of the new machine in 2004. The Kawasaki W650 that has been with him the longest is the Kawasaki W650 that has been with him for the longest time. It has gone through various changes, big and small, and was delivered to 2 Loud Custom Shop in May last year. It was modified and derived from the popularity of retro. The Brat Style provides a precise Old School feel without extensive modifications. If you want to master the Brat Style, there are several key points. Use the original fuel tank, flat and exquisite seat cushions and retro tires, and finally streamline it. Non-essential items on the car to enhance the old feel of the car.

David often works until 11 or 12 o'clock at night. David said happily: "I only have two interests in my life, one is cycling and the other is hair cutting. The rest I just want to spend time with my family." 』

Looking inward along the attractive W650 next to the window, the long and narrow store, sofas, bar, and 1990s decoration design are like an American living room converted into a barber shop, giving people a very relaxed and comfortable atmosphere; the signboards and The retro American-style Sign Painting on the store's facade was designed by Kingson Artworks just like our store. The hand-painted and gold foil techniques perfectly present the Old School flavor.

Compared to Barber Shop, David thinks MG-Barber is more suitable to be called Barber Parlor.

The interior decoration of the store is designed to let more people understand the Barber culture. Antique barber chairs and black and white tiles, towering wood carving tables and naturally aged copper sheets, round tables with Harley engines as supports, everything is insisted on to convey the Old The real taste of Barber Parlor is given to everyone. We are proud to be on the same land of Taiwan and do our best to promote different American retro cultures!

David has continuously enriched and improved himself over the past fifteen years, and has made great achievements in this hairdressing road with his skillful hands. The same is true for the production staff of the SWASTIKA LONG WALLET we launched this time, in the work of handmade leather production. It is not easy to persist for more than ten years. I am not satisfied with the existing skills. I keep trying new methods and designs at work. When I heard our proposal, I was very excited and started making it immediately. This can be said to be Characteristics of craftsmen, right? Are willing to accept challenges and love challenges! (laugh)

As we have always emphasized, the swastika represented a symbol of sacred peace and luck in Buddhism and American Indian culture thousands of years ago. It is definitely not just the Nazis. The beautiful representative meaning needs to be understood and respected. Today We have also combined the swastika on this newly launched knight long clip, which was originally designed by MAY CLUB and hand-dyed and sewn by craftsmen with fifteen years of experience. It is recommended to all those who love American retro culture!

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