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by May club 23 Oct 2017 0 Comments

It comes from the song "A PLACE IN THE SUN" released by Stevie Wonder, a well-known black blind singer in the United States, in 1966. In the same year, Harley Davidson also launched the Shovel Head model. It is undoubtedly the arrival of a new generation for knights, A PLACE IN THE SUN. This song not only describes the knight's hopeful mood while riding, but is also regarded as a piece of civic activity to eliminate racial discrimination at that time, giving a voice to people from different countries and different skin colors who are treated differently.

The sun belongs to everyone. Everyone enjoys the sunshine equally. There is no distinction between rich and poor. Everyone is equal under the sun! Sunshine is as valuable as freedom, and it is what knights want to pursue throughout their lives. In ancient times, people believed that "the sun = hope" and naturally worshiped the sun god. The same goes for Bikers. When we get on the bike, we can't help but go to beautiful places, seeking freedom and hope!

Japan, which is called "LAND OF THE RISING SUN" by Western countries, has been nurtured by the historical background of being influenced by Western countries for a long time. Whether it is fashion or the development and culture of motorcycles, it has attracted great attention from the world, and Japan's first-line riders The brand WEST RIDE also presents the image of the Land of the Rising Sun through single products this season.

However, the sun will not shine in the same place forever. The light and shade will change as the sun moves, and we follow the light source relentlessly. Even if the existence of eternity cannot be determined, the desire for sunshine and hope always attracts everyone and drives them forward!

In 1886, the BIG CHIEF CAFE restaurant on Route 66 allowed passing travelers to take a short break before continuing on their journey to freedom. And in the sunny crowd, the girl with a full smile is this season's new character EHAWEE.

From ancient times to the present, the journey of following the sun will not change. Let us head towards the sunshine together, because in that beautiful place, there is hope for everyone~

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