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About OUTLAW and the knight culture of the 1%er team

by May club 13 Oct 2017 0 Comments
I mainly write this article because WEST RIDE has a CxTxM picture that is closely related to the team.
I also discovered that Taiwan did not actually mention such a culturally complete article.
Of course, to finish the whole story, it may need to be divided into several articles, so let’s pick out the key people and things first.
In fact, there are many things in our store that are related to OUTLAW and the 1%er team culture.
Starting from the picture drawn by CxTxM, the original picture comes from two very famous and friendly brother racing teams.
Let’s talk first GALLOPING GOOSE, recognized as the oldest OUTLOW team in the United States, was established in 1942
But there is also a saying that people started gathering at the club on Route 66 in 1935. This is another story.
Again, because such OMC is not allowed by the AMA
With more young people joining after World War II, the biggest conflict broke out in HOLLISTER RIOT in 1947
At the same time, the 1%er rhetoric was born, and the opposition became more obvious.
(At that time, the AMA said that 99% of knights were law-abiding, and only 1% were illegal)
After the incident, many members of GALLOPING GOOSE also went out to establish other OMCs.
The well-known HELLS ANGELS MC was also established at this time, in 1948
about There is another explanation for the correct establishment time of HELLS ANGELS. Let’s talk again when we have the opportunity.
If you want to see some photos, you can click here to see the article we wrote before.
With the release of THE WILD ONE movie in 1953, the
The entire 1%er culture is more established, and young people can be said to love this kind of life more
Including leather jackets, jeans, boots and other clothing, it is still popular today
The whole culture became more and more popular, and it was not until 1965 that the AOA was officially established.
This is actually another group of people in 1935 mentioned earlier
You can click here to read it , refer to it first because it is not the focus this time.
The point is this is what we mentioned at the beginning EL FORASTERO MC
Founded in 1965, although it is relatively late, there are several important figures in this culture.
Picture left TOM FUGLE, HARLAN "TINY" BROWER in the middle of the picture, drawn by DAVID MANN
At that time, DAVID MANN also met someone who was already on the table. ED "BIG DADDY" ROTH
(ROTH shouldn’t need much introduction, although most people only know RAT FINK
Godfather of KUSTOM KULTURE, VON DUTCH (KENNY HOWARD) should actually be recognized
Artists like CxTxM, KNUCKLE, and PSYCHO are all playing with this)
At that time, ROTH used a lot of DAVID MANN's paintings in the magazine, and they are all precious now.
In the 1960s, OUTLAW culture had matured, and there were quite a lot of 1%er teams.
The reason why EL FORASTERO MC is famous is from car modification to painting and drawing
It has deeply affected the next fifty years until now.
It is not difficult to find elements such as swastikas and iron crosses.
The anti-war period gave rise to many stylistic features. Let’s talk about it again when we have the opportunity.
After EASY RIDER was released in 1969, it brought a different atmosphere to Rider
It is undeniable that these OUTLAW MCs do bring some crime and trouble
But the culture of playing with cars and pursuing the feeling of freedom continued to flourish in the 1970s.
You can understand it by looking at other paintings
The brands we represent, such as WEST RIDE and BAD QUENTIN, are deeply influenced by these eras.
It should be said that people all over the world are playing American style like this, but there is a gap in Taiwan and it is difficult to connect.
Finally, let’s take a look at TOM FUGLE, who is also a familiar friend of our agency brands.
After playing for a lifetime, this is the spirit of the true American knight.
Many of our friends are related to these people and things
So this is the culture we have been talking about
It’s not like we are locked up in Taiwan and playing by ourselves, people have been like this for decades
And its influence is getting deeper and deeper all over the world. Taiwan should not be the only one who has not seen it.
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