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About ADDICT CLOTHES OILED COTTON oilcloth single product series

by May club 18 Nov 2017 0 Comments

The development of oilcloth clothing began in the UK more than a hundred years ago. In order to cope with the local drizzle, early fishermen coated cotton cloth with heavy grease, using the concept of oil and water being incompatible to block moisture and achieve a waterproof effect. However, The clothing still belongs to the category of work clothes.

Due to the heavy smell and discomfort, we then developed yarn mixed with paraffin to weave fabric into it, so that the fabric itself has the waterproof properties of paraffin. Finally, the fabric is sewn into clothing, so that the completed item is windproof and waterproof. effect!

It was later applied to the market as a hunting jacket or knight's jacket, earlier than high-tech fabrics such as nylon. Compared with high-priced leather products, affordable waxed cotton and effective protective effects became a popular choice after the 1930s. Common main clothing in motorcycle racing!

Because of the need to maintain effective waterproofing, early oilcloth jackets were often waxed repeatedly, accidentally developing a charming wear color and wrinkles. However, the oil stains, dirt and dust mixed inside also created an annoying odor. .

Mr. Ishijima, the manager of ADDICT CLOTHES, loves the touch brought by vintage oilcloth jackets, but he also hopes to produce oilcloth items without a pungent smell. After constantly trying to adjust the ingredients, he got the best formula ratio to make ADDICT CLOTHES OILED This series of items can perfectly present the look of old VINTAGE products.

In addition to the difference in ingredient formula, ADDICT CLOTHES is also slightly different from other brands in its production method. It uses extremely fine yarns that are almost extinct on the market and tightly weaves extremely fine fabrics to achieve a high degree of windproof effect. After the production is completed, it is supplemented by a manual waxing process, so that every seam joint and stitching pinhole can absorb paraffin, which further improves the windproof and water-repellent performance!

Through long-term use, the components of paraffin will gradually integrate into the fabric's structure, making the feel and presentation of the fabric more special! the VINTAGE is complete.

It is worth mentioning that the weather in the UK is different from that in Taiwan. The early oilcloth jackets were designed to cope with long periods of drizzle. Their protective effect against sudden downpours was not as good as that of Ventile, Gore-Tex and other fabrics developed later. Although they can Multi-layer waxing is used to improve the waterproof effect, but the resulting surface fabric does not have the texture that ADDICT CLOTHES intended.
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