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WEST RIDE ALL NEW RACING DOWN, which has remained popular for more than ten years

by May club 07 Nov 2020 0 Comments

Since the establishment of the brand in 2003, WEST RIDE has been very persistent in providing high-quality items. Since it is located in Niigata, known as the country of snow, it is also very capable in the research and development of items to keep warm in winter!

ALL NEW RACING DOWN was launched the year after the brand was established. There were not many styles at first, but as soon as it was launched, everyone who wore it was amazed. Then it was continuously adjusted and optimized, and different models were successively produced due to customer needs. color matching.

When we were an agent, ALL NEW RACING DOWN's single product production was very mature, and its visibility in the Japanese knight circle was also extremely high. The production has also developed the following two different styles.

  • Standard: For tall and thin customers, the setting is relatively narrow and long.
  • Relax Fit: Generally, customers are recommended to choose this version. The shoulder width and chest width are slightly wider, and the length is about one inch shorter than the Standard.

Since the Standard version is too narrow for most people and will also affect the comfort of stretching activities, currently the store mainly introduces Relax Fit.

Fabric selection

  • High-quality vegetable-tanned deerskin and chrome-tanned horse leather are recommended for those who want to hit the top of a down jacket at once.
  • The originally developed 3 Layer technology fabric is not only high-strength and wear-resistant, but also has 23,000mm high water pressure resistance and waterproof performance. It also has 11,500g/24H high breathability, which perfectly mediates the discharge of moisture and blocks the entry of cold air!
  • The original WATERPROOF MILITARY CORD COTTON is different from the slippery material of 3 Layer technical fabrics. It has a matte texture like a military jacket and is both wear-resistant and waterproof.

Top quality down

Made from Hungarian white velvet of world-famous "White Diamond" grade. Hungary has a continental climate, with large temperature differences between winter and summer. In such a climate, white goose matured for 1 to 2 years is used. Its down is large in size, highly soft and elastic. Generally speaking, the expansion coefficient of Hungarian white goose down has reached 500~600FP. High quality, and WEST RIDE also selects top-grade goose down with an expansion coefficient of 800FP, which can retain nearly twice the effect of expelling hot air from the body, and has extremely high thermal insulation efficiency!

Using today's advanced technology to collect top-grade down, a goose only weighs about 20 grams, while a size M ALL NEW RACING DOWN JACKET down weighs about 315 grams! The filling ratio also reaches the Japanese standard JIS9010 (90% down and 10% feathers), which is equivalent to the US standard FTC 100% or more, so the price is relatively expensive.

After Hungarian white goose down was imported to Japan, the few remaining craftsmen in Hokkaido used high-tech manual work instead of machines to fill and sew, making the fullness and stitching of each rhombus more perfect!

Wool lining

It is made of a blend of 30% wool and 70% acrylic fiber to ensure the best comfort and warmth. The hand warmer pockets are also made of wool blended fabric.

Original detachable windshield

In order to reduce the possibility of cold wind pouring into the body, an original detachable windproof flap is added to the inside of the main front zipper, which is installed with the zipper and filled with white goose down and high-performance thermal insulation materials. The threads on the neck and sleeves are very solid and tight, blocking cold wind.

Thoughtful details

  • Leather reinforcement is added to prevent the cuff ribs from pilling or breakage due to friction.
  • There are breathable zipper openings on both sides of the body, which can be opened to adjust the temperature when entering or leaving the room.
  • It has a total of seven pockets including an inner pocket, which can be used to store small items.
  • The double-open zipper allows the hem to be opened while riding or sitting, making it more comfortable.

Full of details and top quality, this item has become more and more popular and has been selling well for more than ten years! Every autumn and winter there is a crisis of stocks being sold out. If you don’t own ALL NEW RACING DOWN yet, it is strongly recommended to get it early to avoid waiting another year!

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