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Soft and solid WEST RIDE original thick cotton material

by May club 09 Nov 2020 0 Comments

The reason why WEST RIDE makes many friends addicted to wearing it is mainly because it invests a lot of energy in the development of original fabrics, such as down items, functional materials, Niigata's top knitting technology, NEL materials for various shirts, and Classic thick cotton material series and so on, let’s introduce the original thick cotton material today!

Among the thick cotton series, the most impressive to customers is the HEAVY BORDER series, which is tightly woven with No. 10 yarn and has excellent stiffness and warmth. The classic two-inch thick stripe gap setting is not only durable but also good-looking. Match. Due to its affordable price, HEAVY BORDER has become the first item that many people buy from WEST RIDE.

Slightly thinner than the BORDER series is the long Tee series, made of No. 16 yarn. Generally speaking, the larger the number, the thinner the yarn, and the softer the touch. It is woven with No. 16 double-ply yarn, which retains more air between the woven fabrics. It is slightly lighter than the HEAVY BORDER series. Just like this season’s black and orange long Tee.

The thicker three-layer thick cotton series uses No. 14 yarn as the outermost layer, No. 20 yarn as the middle layer, and No. 7 yarn as the innermost layer. It is made by combining yarns of different thicknesses to make the fabric tightly and solidly windproof. The effect is to preserve more air in the tissue, making the texture fluffy and soft, and the inner bristles make the texture close to the skin even warmer! Representative items include Front-V Sweat, Heavy Weight hooded/stand-collar jacket, etc.

Rather than buying ready-made fabrics, WEST RIDE hopes to understand the needs of customers from their perspective and master the materials of each item. This is why we can proudly say the word "original".

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