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Character introduction - PSYCHO - GRAFIX Artist SIGN PAINT & PINSTRIPE

by May club 28 Aug 2015 0 Comments

PSYCHO has been engaged in SIGN PAINT & PINSTRIPE work for 30 years. He is also one of the most famous master artists in Japan. He loves Kustom Kulture culture and has a very friendly relationship with WEST RIDE, who loves American culture!

There are so many works over the past decades, they are very exciting! Let’s get to know this extraordinary person from the introduction of the works he painted for WEST RIDE~

The fuel tanks of BOSS, OTA and TKC are all drawn by PSYCHO
For the 20th anniversary of WESTERN RIVER, PSYCHO used his expertise to draw both SIGN PAINT & PINSTRIPE.
If you haven’t realized how talented PSYCHO is, try to think about whether you can hand-paint the two items above?
Watch the video again to understand how PINSTRIPE, which started in the 1950s, is a seemingly simple but very difficult art.
Not just the paintings commonly seen on helmets or fuel tanks
It can also show powerful composition skills on a variety of customized products!
The posters for the WESTERN RIVER event RUMBLING ART SHOW have also been drawn by PSYCHO many times.
You can see the layout skills of image design besides pulling lines!
Sharing some of PSYCHO’s works at RUMBLING ART SHOW
The most important thing about Kustom Kulture culture is customization
Once you throw out the idea, you have to design the complete pattern immediately, accompanied by clever color matching.
A complete test of your strong painting skills
Masters are also invited to participate in various on-site painting and string-pulling activities.
Especially the major auto show events of Kustom Kulture culture such as
Hot Rod Custom Show, New Older Chopper Show, MTM, Kustom Kulture Forever and more
Not only in Japan, but also in overseas activities, the works have attracted much attention and received great praise!
PSYCHO who loves Kustom Kulture also Strongly influenced by Von Dutch
Various creations of eyeballs can be seen in the works
From the meticulous painting of small toys to the design of large-scale Wall Signs, nothing is difficult for him.
The familiar signboard of the West Ride Tokyo store was naturally created by the Psycho master.
Fully demonstrate all-round professionalism and talented artist atmosphere
You can often see PSYCHO's works in magazines, almost every issue of FLY WHEELS!
Do you think that's it? What’s more interesting is the Kustom Kulture style drawing.
PHYCHO is also unique
Each picture is suitable for wearing as a short T
It’s really cool to see PSYCHO’s paintings on WEST RIDE’s clothes.
And it was even more touching to see Master Psycho’s live performance!
Through May club, we have been actively inviting people in recent years.
I was very lucky to have the opportunity to see Master Psycho playing live in Taiwan and commissioned a painted creation.
Friends who want to know more information, don’t forget to follow us at any time!
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