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BIKER Famous Store BLACKBOARD CAFE, California, USA Past & Present

by May club 29 Aug 2015 0 Comments
I believe that friends who have seen WEST RIDE’s spring and summer catalog this year are familiar with BLACKBOARD CAFE.
The cover of the catalog is AL from BLACKBOARD CAFE. Both the store and the people are famous in the American knight circle.
Japanese BIKER magazine also introduced it. BLACKBOARD CAFE, which was founded just two years ago, is already quite popular!
As for why, I’ll introduce it later~
Let’s go back in time to the BLACKBOARD CAFE of the same name in the 1960s.
BAKERSFIELD, located in California, was the gathering place for the notorious HELLS ANGELS speeding party at the time.
The speedsters at that time did not want to be regulated by the AMA and called themselves the 1%. They were also most famous for the HELLS ANGELS that still exist today.
I won’t say much else, it’s not the focus of this article! Those who are interested can find some articles to learn about it~
They always ride from the party place of SAN BERNARDINO to the BLACKBOARD of BAKERSFIELD
In addition to riding bikes all day long, they also drink and have fun, which makes most people nervous.
But it is the free life attitude that many BIKERs yearn for now.
The 1960s was also the period when CHOPPER became popular. Until now, you can still see the look of that year from modifying your car to wearing it.
The couple who founded BLACKBOARD CAFE in LA two years ago are equally comfortable doing what they like.
Both couples like CHOPPER and the 1960s style. The shop repairs and rebuilds cars, sells vintage clothes, and also makes homemade clothes.
AL used to work at RRL, and BRITTNEY was a tailor. After opening the store, they both combined their interests and professions into their lives.
If you are interested in BLACKBOARD CAFE, check out the official website☞Click here
You can also check out their INSTAGRAM AL ☞Click hereBRITTNEY ☞Click here
An enviable and cool young couple, living a more beautiful BLACKBOARD CAFE
WEST RIDE is also well-known in the American knight community, and BLACKBOARD is one of the WEST RIDE distribution points
Many Japanese magazines have also reported on it. Attached are photos of OTA-san, MASATO-san and AL couple. This car is now in WESTERN RIVER.
Both parties share a lot of love for 1960s American culture, so in addition to participating in the shooting of this year's spring and summer catalog
There are also co-branded products. If you also like it, be sure to CHECK~
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