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The second visit to the WESTERN RIVER in Niigata, the hometown of WEST RIDE

by May club 30 Aug 2015 0 Comments
After attending the WEST RIDE autumn and winter exhibition in June this year, I went to WESTERN RIVER again two months later.
The main purpose is to bring back a small amount of this spring and summer products, which are currently very popular in the store.
There are also some matters that are easier to discuss in meetings. I believe this autumn and winter will be very exciting!
It takes about three hours to take the Shinkansen from Tokyo to Niigata and get out of the hotel to the WESTER RIVER, which takes up most of the whole day.
Every time I come out of Joetsu Myoko Station, Ota-san will drive to greet me enthusiastically. On the road, I always feel that it really feels like America.
The buildings and roads are different from those in Tokyo. It’s really a paradise for cyclists! No wonder it gave birth to such a great store!
But Otan-san said that winter is very hard, and you have to shovel snow every day. Niigata is famous for its rice fields and ski resorts.
The second time I came here, my mentality and feeling were slightly different, and I also had more time to get to know this 20-year-old store~
(Because the last time I was in the frame, I didn’t take any more photos. You can review the first visit article ☞Click here )
WESTERN RIVER This large building was designed and built by BOSS a few years ago. One of the areas is a steakhouse.
The second time I ate it it was still quite delicious. I still miss it now. The decoration inside is certainly BIKER style.
The ashtrays in the smoking area outside the store are also specially made, they are CHOPPER, they are so handsome~
I didn’t take pictures of the CHOOKE and SUNKU displays in the store before. Let’s take a look at the supplies this time.
WESTERN RIVER sells many of the brands favored by knights. We will talk to you later when we have the opportunity.
Among them, the brand NATIVE SPIRIT, which I also like very much, has a lot of them in stock in the store, which is quite amazing!
As expected of having been operating locally for more than 20 years, the value and quantity of the goods selected are the highest! Deeply impressed!
BOSS’s favorite PANHEAD engine can be seen everywhere in the store, and the entire decoration is based on the CHOPPER style of the 1960s.
As long as you are a BIKER and arrive at the WESTERN RIVER, you should not feel that your adrenaline will be high~
There are BOSS, Ota-san and other employees’ cars in the garage. Every time I come here, I always want to take a few more photos and add some more later.
There happened to be some parts and tools placed on the ground today. It can be seen that working with cars when they have time is part of their lives.
There are artists’ works in many places, including toilets (laughs)
BOSS happened to be away today. In fact, he lives behind the store. It is also a very American-style building. At first glance, he looks like he is living in the United States.
I didn’t take any more photos after that. I had to do some work. I will go to the RUMBLING ART SHOW in October. I will write more about it then.
Thanks to Ota-san's help, I successfully confirmed all the spring, summer, autumn and winter products, but it took another three hours to return to the hotel.
I always feel like I want to stay longer, but the driving takes up most of the time, but it is still a fulfilling and happy day!
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