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Exorcist Bell/Guardian Bell by CHOOKE

by ChenStacy 30 Aug 2015 0 Comments

Let’s first talk about what GUARDIAN BELL is! I don’t know if you have noticed that some people hang bells on their cars, that is GUARDIAN BELL (also known as Angel Bell). It is not just an accessory, as the name suggests, it is a tradition to protect the safety of knights. And this comes from an ancient American legend...

Once upon a time, an old knight was riding a motorcycle on a country road, but he encountered evil road spirits (Evil Road Spirits), which caused a series of bad luck such as clutch failure, tire blowout, and unexplained stalling, and even attacked him. The old knight himself, while the knight fell to the ground, also touched the bell tied to the old knight. With the knocking of the bell, the evil spirit retreated. The old knight saw this and continued to shake the bell, causing a stir in the crowd. Another group of knights camped nearby noticed that everyone helped drive away the evil spirits. In order to thank everyone for their help, the old knight gave the bell to the group of knights as a symbol of protecting a safe journey.

Then some riders will hang the bell directly on the motorcycle, and use the vibration of the motorcycle to continuously beat the bell to pray. It is said that because of the sensitive hearing, evil spirits will hear the sound of the bell continuously beating in the hollow, which will make them evil spirits. They feel the madness of the confined space, and then lose the ability to entangle and fall to the ground (also causing potholes on the road?), and then re-entangle passing vehicles, causing damage to the tires of the next vehicle or wear and tear of other parts.

Generally speaking, the bell you buy will have a protective effect, but if the bell is given by an important person or an acquaintance, the magical protective energy will be stronger, or even more so if it is given by a senior with rich riding experience. The power of magic will be multiplied because it will also pass on the experience of the journey to you.

No matter what, there are always many unspeakable reasons for vehicle failure. Believe it or not, that depends on the individual! But if you have a friend who is a knight, and he doesn’t happen to have a guardian bell, why not give him one and let the bell protect his riding safety? Wouldn’t it be nice to let him know this story and express your concern for him (laughing) ).

Let’s go back and talk about Chooke’s creation of “Bell”! In fact, for the United States, when it comes to "Bell", the most famous one is definitely the Liberty Bell in Pennsylvania. The Liberty Bell, also known as the Independence Bell, is the most important symbol of the American Revolutionary War, mainly in 1776. On July 8, 2011, the Continental Congress (formerly the U.S. Congress) rang the bell in Philadelphia to gather citizens and read the Declaration of Independence. The Liberty Bell has since been associated with the meaning of freedom and justice, and is the second most famous spiritual symbol of the United States. On the Statue of Liberty.

Chooke is really a great artist who creates silver coins. He was inspired by the Liberty Bell on the Franklin half dollar (1948 - 1963) coin and used this as the inspiration for his creation. He combined his silver jewelry expertise with Native American jewelry to create a unique Guardian Bell.

Take three different coins and cut them to retain representative images

Due to the characteristics of the metal, it is quite difficult to make round silver products, especially the processing of coins is even more complicated.

But in the end Chooke overcame it with superb technology and combined with the charming Navajo totem

In every work, you can feel Chooke's talent and hand-made warmth, and the unique charm of Only & One. And compared to other metals, the knocking sound of silver is particularly pleasant and crisp, just like the singing of angels, so it is well-deserved to be called Angel Bell.

Chooke’s Liberty Bell series comes in three styles:

  • Eagle Bell is represented by the bald eagle, the national bird of the United States. It has a strong American impression and is highly recommended to Harley riders.
  • Indian Bell represents the Native American Indians and is definitely the first choice for Indian Motorcycles.
  • Goddess Bell is represented by the goddess of walking and the goddess of Mercury. The symbol of speed is the pursuit of sports cars and street cars, and it is also the desire for peace.

" Ghost Bell " is West Ride's own guardian bell. It is produced by Chooke. It not only shows Chooke's unique Indian style, but also integrates the Outlaw Chopper elements of the 1950s.

Using the MORGAN DOLLER COIN issued between 1878 ~ 1904 and 1921 as the creative material, the Ghost faces the image of the outstretched bald eagle representing the government on the other side, with a double-sided design of an iron cross and a swastika welded on top. , quite distinctive!

The hand-printed Ghost image design is inspired by one of the Harleys owned by West Ride manager Big Boss, the 1956 Panhead fuel tank image TOXIC GHOST. It is also quite thought-provoking as to whether it protects the bell from demons or against the government.

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