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Character introduction - COOL TATTOOING MASATO, the soul figure of Japanese American culture (Part 2)

by May club 27 Aug 2015 0 Comments
Character introduction COOL TATTOOING MASATO, the soul figure of Japanese American culture (Part 1) ☞If you haven’t seen it, click here
The previous article mainly introduced Masato’s Chopper, old Harley and Hot Rod.
Although he seems quite hard-core in many photos, he is actually very kind and willing to help the younger generation. After we became agents of West Ride, we got to know each other better through activities and getting along with each other, and we also talked more because we like the same things. chat!
Because we both love leather jackets, we decided to jointly design the details of the Addict Clothes joint leather jacket.
When he arrived in Nagoya, he also drove out his Hot Rod to support the filming.
He is a very kind senior!

This article introduces his clothes, collection and specialized Tattoos
Everyone should notice that Masato has a lot of skulls on his body accessories because of his own preferences. Even the gold teeth he deliberately installed are skulls. You can often see skulls showing various expressions in drawings or tattoos. It's very interesting!
The incense stick launched on the eighth anniversary is derived from the chief skull ring on the seventh anniversary.
In addition to skulls, many American elements are also expressed in his own way. Deeply influenced by American culture, Masato's designs often have a strong and unique style, which is quite talented!
American-style shops such as Western River and Glad Hand also held events for him to tattoo on the spot.
The editor-in-chief of UP-SWEEP also has multiple tattoos on his body that were created by Masato.
The manager of Glad Hand also has a lot of Masato tattoos on his body. I talked about it before and found out that he also has a whole tattoo on his back. There are far more tattoos than I thought. Let's take a look at some of Glad Hand's collection of Masato. It's quite exciting! ☞Click my link
When I went to his home in Nagoya, I saw a lot of collections, which were amazing!
From leather jackets, boots to a bunch of silver jewelry, they are all accumulated over the past 20 to 30 years. In addition to swastikas and skulls, Masato also loves Rat Fink.
The chain bike patch, one of the 8th anniversary commemorative items, is also designed by Masato with the image of Rat Fink integrated into the Year of the Rat.
Because of the clear image
Knuckle also specially designed the same MASATO KUN and Chino soft rubber for the Masato father and son team.
Sold by May club who knows both parties well
Small details including clothing, leather jackets, boots, belt buckles, gold teeth, etc. are all presented one by one.
Quite delicate!
The cross we got from Mr. Takahashi of Goro's in the early days and the tattoos that NBHD Takizawa and him left on each other all show the mutual sympathy between these representatives of American culture in Japan.
Representative American brands such as Wesco and LANGLITZ often ask him to take photos and endorse them, etc.
Masato itself has a large collection of old products
Have a pretty friendly relationship with West Ride
BORN FREE SHOW also went to the United States to participate in the support. There are many fans in Japan. The silver jewelry made together with Blackboots is the most popular.

In addition to the West Ride items designed by Masato, the store currently also has many styles of clothing and silver jewelry co-branded with us~
Friends who are interested in him can also come to the store to chat. Attached are some photos taken before he came to Taiwan. See more photos for details. 106.09 CxTxM meet May club
Many friends have said that if they want to have a glimpse of Masato's senior style, they must attend the highlight of our annual anniversary event!

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