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Character introduction - COOL TATTOOING MASATO, the soul figure of Japanese American culture (Part 1)

by May club 26 Aug 2015 0 Comments

Friends who have been following May club for a long time should be very familiar with Masato. Since 2016, Masato has been regularly participating in our May club anniversary activities every year.
He came to the United States alone at the age of 19 and has his own unique insights into American culture. Since 1995, he founded COOL TATTOOING MASATO, abbreviated as CxTxM.
He is a very active indicator figure in many circles in Japan. In addition to being a representative figure of many brands, he is also an artist that West Ride has collaborated with for a long time. If you don’t know this senior, today he will use his Chopper, Hot Rod, and Tattoo. , Toy, Fashion, various fields are introduced. Let us read the article and get to know Masato~
Masato owns two old Harley Flatheads
He has been playing cars for more than 20 years. Of course, he has also owned an old Indian and an old Triumph. Therefore, he is a well-known figure in the old car industry. The 1941 model in the photo, nicknamed DEAD MAN, was exhibited at Mooneyes in Yokohama in 2009. After going out to the Sissy Bar in the back, there was a swastika that Masato liked very much. This image has the meaning of "lucky" to the Indians, and to the knights, it has a "rebellious" meaning that is different from the public. Its own brands include Dan The back pockets of denim pants and the inner pockets of denim vests are also embroidered with this logo. Our customers and friends will immediately think of CxTxM when they see this logo.
Later, Masato also changed to his favorite Trike Style, which is quite domineering. If you have studied Chopper, you will know that the earliest Street Chopper magazine highly praised the three-wheeled style, and this car was the same car that appeared on the cover of one of the original issues in the 1970s. Also read We can get his longing for that era
The other is an earlier 1937 model, nicknamed Speed ​​Ball.
It is in very good condition and you can still see Masato riding it on many occasions.
Speed ​​Ball is a famous car that many people know. There is a saying once introduced in a magazine.
Speed ​​Ball is a machine that only Masato can control, no one else can match it!
The magazine devoted a lot of space to Masato, who rides a Speed ​​Ball with heavy equipment.
This is also the artistic conception that we have always admired: "people are more dangerous than cars"!
Let’s take a look at Masato’s other favorite car - HOT ROD
It has the appearance of an old Ford in 1923 and is equipped with a TOYOTA engine. It was completely modified according to Masato's own wishes. This car is also quite famous. He often drives it everywhere and even won the championship in the Chirihama Sand Running Competition.

The next article will introduce Masato’s tattoos, collection, clothing, etc.
Not only the car should be handsome, but the people should also be handsome!
Well-deserved as the soul figure of American culture ~

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