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Trophy clothing recent new product matching introduction

by May club 23 Aug 2015 0 Comments
The previous article introduced Trophy clothing’s eyebrow frame glasses Bill
Trophy has always focused on high quality and style details. Since its establishment, Trophy has produced many must-have classic items that have been passed down among knights.
Logo short T with specially developed fabrics, Dirt Denim, the highest grade rider pants, and Day Trip Bag that combines perfect materials
Everything is made in Japan, with both quality and practicality. Today we will also focus on this focus to introduce recent products~
The most popular Dirt Denim made on Okayama’s vintage shuttle loom, the preferred jeans for Japanese knights’ work wear
and the Day Trip Bag, which is finely sewn with Japanese thick canvas and high-grade hardware leather.
Although they are already regular products, they are always sold out quickly every time they are launched. They are good products that friends who have used them will recommend!
Be sure to take advantage of the relaunch of the Day Trip Bag this autumn and winter, especially the luxurious suede version launched this time!
Take the four Trophy short Ts launched this spring and summer and match them with four different Day Trip Bags
The first piece is the classic logo paired with classic canvas fabric
Different color combinations, very beautiful Olive color canvas is used
The luxurious version of buffalo suede material for autumn and winter not only has a better texture, the thick leather is also more practical, and the color is quite on point!
The final combination is this summer’s best-selling short T style, which is also black but with a luxurious suede version.
It will turn into a black and gray effect as it is rubbed with use. Each Day Trip Bag can leave its own traces of experience along with your journey.
It’s the same color as Dirt Denim’s jeans~
For a simple one-day trip, bring all the personal belongings you need, and you can pamper yourself for the whole day with just one bag.
Even if it’s for two days and one night, it can be put into the Day Trip Bag, so you don’t have to worry about riding to a far distance!
With its brass O-ring and beautiful cutting, it is quite comfortable to carry all day long. You will know after trying it on!
One of the new items added to the show is a brass shoehorn keychain covered in tea core leather.
Are you ready with all the Trophy you need to go out?
Isn’t it a perfect combination?
Is it both quality and practical?
What are you waiting for? Put on the Trophy clothing you need and go out for a happy journey right away^^
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