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Trophy clothing reinterprets the most popular choice in the 1950s, Browline eyebrow glasses.

by May club 21 Aug 2015 0 Comments
Let’s start with a brief introduction to Browline eyebrow-frame glasses, which can be traced back to 1947 and were produced by Shuron, a century-old brand.
The special shape gives people a professional and serious feeling, and it is immediately loved by many political and business celebrities and other authoritative figures.
And because customized glasses are not popular, when they were first launched, they could also be said to be the choice of high-end and upper-class people.
Malcolm X, a representative of the black civil rights movement, and Colonel Sanders, the well-known grandfather of KFC, are all spokespersons.
Another century-old brand, American Optical, is the first company in the world to develop optical lenses.
At that time, it was also a supplier and manufacturer of glasses for the US military. In the 1950s, it also designed the famous Browline model Sir Mont for a general to highlight military power.
There is also the well-known Bausch & Lomb, which also helped Ray-Ban make the famous eyebrow-frame glasses at that time.
This is all because in the 1950s, eyebrow-frame glasses were the hottest choice!
Although this trend completely died out in the 1970s, it rose again in the 1980s!
The works of many famous people are often the reason why they lead the trend.
As for the classic eyebrow-frame glasses, many brands use different materials to create very changeable details.
In modern times, it seems to be a symbol of retro fashion.
Of course, you are not limited to any one style. To highlight your personal charm, choose a pair of eyebrow-frame glasses that suit you!
(Some pictures are taken from the Internet, please inform us if there is any infringement)
Let me introduce the eyebrow-frame glasses BILL launched by Trophy clothing this spring and summer.
Trophy, who never compromises on the quality of its own products, seeks cross-industry cooperation with optical companies with more than 20 years of professional experience.
After long-term communication from design to production, the beautiful and nostalgic 1950s American-style retro eyebrow-frame glasses were finally born.
The biggest feature of BILL is that it can be changed and matched according to the clothes. There are two types of frames to choose from, and four eyebrow frame colors.
It can even be disassembled to expose the metal frame to show a different classic gentleman atmosphere.
3 WAY is a very practical way to use it, because Trophy wants to create a masterpiece of glasses that can be worn for a long time!
Take a look ~
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