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May club 3rd anniversary commemorative flat bracelet

by May club 17 Aug 2015 0 Comments

I have been fond of Indian silver jewelry for several years. From reading magazines and looking at plum blossoms to quench my thirst, to myself I have the ability to go abroad to buy and open a store to introduce some silver jewelry. Of course, this land now There are more and more choices on the ground!

Because of the third anniversary of May Club, I began to communicate with silversmiths about this idea. From Japan, the United States Looking for tools in China, I spent a lot of time and effort, from design, modification, countless The sample was constantly revised in the end. Thanks to the silversmith’s support, this platform was born. The first hand-knocked and printed bracelet with Indian silver jewelry characteristics in Bay Area~

We have combined the letters MAY into one of the representative totems of the Indians, the "bow and arrow", which has the symbolic meaning of Protection. We hope to continue to protect the May club store and accompany all our friends to grow and thrive together.

In order to present the best visual sense, print and arrange it with other Navajo totem tools ; these are only a small part of the drafts and semi-finished products, because Different arrangements have different visual effects, so try it many times! And the silversmith also struck it countless times before he got close to the feeling that he and I both wanted. Thank you very much. His efforts for Taiwan’s first homemade Indian bracelet!

Knock printing is different from ordinary mold making. All the totems on each bracelet are struck by silversmiths one by one by hand, and because Because thick silver material is used, the same place needs to be punched 2-3 times. The neat arrangement is the result of countless silversmithing experiences . This should be the first time in Taiwan's history that someone is willing to be so nervous. It is very time-consuming to make such silver jewelry, and the probability of failure is also very high, but In order to complete Taiwan's first Indian-made bracelet, we are willing!

It was originally a bow and arrow logo composed of three English letters MAY, so the handle ring was also designed in the shape of a bow and arrow. You can see that there are lines of MAY printed on it! Including asymmetrical printing on both sides, this part alone took several months

Not only that, in order to enrich the visual effect of wearing it backwards, we added solid silver chrysanthemum and turquoise on both ends.

Among them, turquoise stones with a sapphire blue color and natural texture are carefully selected. They follow the old Indian method of setting the ridge, rather than a simple sticking technique. Finally, silver rope decorations are wrapped around the outside.

What you see in the picture is the final presentation. The real thing is when you get the actual product. Very touched!

Whether I'm loved by others or not, I'm sure I'll wear it for the rest of my life. ~

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