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Japan’s SIGN PAINT & PINSTRIPE master PSYCHO-GRAFIX’s whirlwind visit to Taiwan

by May club 31 Mar 2018 0 Comments

Ever since we met Master Psycho at Western River in Niigata, we have been deeply impressed by his profound skills! Because the most important thing in Kustom Kulture culture is customization, especially on-site commission discussions, it must have a strong background. Just throw out an idea at will, and you have to immediately design a complete product pattern, accompanied by clever color matching. .

The same is true for the outline of Pinstripe lines. After the positioning of the large structure, it is the free play of Free Hand. Although for Psycho, with thirty years of accumulated experience, the proficiency in drawing and painting seems to be a matter of course. However, when you watch the master's creation on site At the same time, you can't help but be shocked by his amazing skills again and again!

In order to allow more friends in Taiwan to understand and feel the charm of this Kustom Kulture culture, we have actively invited Master Psycho to come to Taiwan many times. Finally, as May club approaches its sixth anniversary, we finalized the itinerary and arranged two days at the Taipei store. Created with Taichung store.

Customized orders have been received very enthusiastically, and the two-day quota has been filled up early. From the opening of the store, we have been creating non-stop until late at night. Psycho is also very happy and grateful for the support of customers, and can also feel the enthusiasm of Taiwanese friends!

On the day of the event, many friends also brought items and wanted to invite masters to create them, but they were unable to do so due to limited time. For those who wanted to collect masters’ works, Psycho specially designed a joint logo for May Club during this trip, incorporating the initial letters of May Club. The word "MC" is integrated with the wings of Psycho-Grafix's flying eyeball to commemorate our sixth anniversary. At the same time, we also used the hand-brushing method of silk screen printing to continue the hand-painted spirit of Master Psycho.


May club has been working hard to let you understand motorcycle culture from many aspects. In addition to the black and white heavyweight pocket cotton Tee for sale, there are also paintings by masters on display in the store. You are welcome to come and enjoy it.

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