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by May club 03 Apr 2018 0 Comments

LAC is a 3/4 helmet specially designed by Ocean Beetle for the wearing habits of SoCal friends. The Southern California style often wears a helmet directly over a woolen hat or baseball cap. Therefore, the hat body may not move up enough to fit properly. Or need a larger size alternative.

For this reason, Ocean Beetle continues to develop its own 500TX streamlined hat shell, maintaining the same small hat body, and adjusting the size through polyurethane padding. It can also fit the head shape and fit with an ordinary baseball cap or woolen hat. Excellent coverage for both cheeks! The size options range up to XL, and those with head circumferences over 62cm can easily wear it even if they worry that the 500TX is too small.

What’s more worth mentioning is that it has more choices in color than the 500TX. Whether you are worried about how to match the special paint of your motorcycle, or a girl likes something more eye-catching, you can’t miss it.

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