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JACKSUN'S × OCEAN BEETLE The most original and old-fashioned 500-TX 3/4 retro hat

by May club 28 Feb 2018 0 Comments

The 500-TX launched by Bell Company in the late 1950s has an unshakable position among 3/4 helmets. It is also popular among many replica hat brands in Japan for its beautiful curved streamlines developed by Ocean Beetle. Loved by many car enthusiasts.

Jacksun's, a senior Japanese antique Harley player, has also collaborated with Jacksun's to launch a special limited edition joint hat. In addition to using the basic hat shape of Ocean Beetle, it has been processed in many details and is recognized by the industry as the closest replica to the original 500-TX. .

JACKSUN'S × OCEAN BEETLE SPECIAL 500TX not only perfectly retains the production details of the early hat body material stitching, but also attempts to reproduce the OEM contract transfer stickers, eye-catching old processing and painting of the 1950s, etc., in order to pursue the original old taste while having both The new hat body is comfortable to wear and is the best choice for friends.

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