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Ugly business interests - Planned Obsolescence

by May club 04 Jul 2016 0 Comments

Have you heard of planned obsolescence ? Friends who have watched the documentary "The Light Bulb Conspiracy" may understand! The Livermore Valley Fire Department in California has a lightbulb that lights up a century! Why do today's light bulbs only have an average lifespan of 1,000 hours?

The Ford Model T car was originally produced to be reliable and durable, but was defeated by General Motors, which focused on fashionable appearance (interestingly, the Model T car later became the favorite of HotRod modifiers), the printer chip was limited in use and forced to replace it, and the iPod was not The battery replacement strategy was taken to court...etc.

Everything is a conspiracy of continuous consumption hatched by manufacturers. Just look at there are too many cases around us! Fast fashion, which has been widely discussed recently not only in the industry but also in the clothing industry, is also a culprit of global resources. Clothes become untied and loose after being washed a few times. Anyway, after being worn a few times, they become fashionable and will not be worn again! But did you know that Taiwanese throw away an average of 5.4 million pieces of clothing a year? Even if they donate clothes, they may accidentally become the driving force behind the destruction of poor and weak economies in the third world.

If you strongly pursue the concept of environmental protection in the global village, then products under the Fair Trade Organization may be suitable for you. Otherwise, minimal waste is recommended. Although West Ride is not a green company, its insistence on clothing quality does not pursue short-term profits, but longer-term corporate responsibility and image; a simple T-shirt not only develops comfortable and slightly heavier cotton The material is used and circular knitted into a T-shaped body. The sides of the body are then disassembled, folded, ironed, and sewn with Overlock double-needle sewing. The neckline also adopts a Binder Neck structure, and the threaded opening is used to cover the collar. It is then reinforced with three-needle sewing. This labor-intensive process not only gives consumers a comfortable wearing experience, it is also quite durable and washable. My personal T-shirt is still as good as new after more than a year.

Perhaps many people will think that this seems to go against the interests of business. After all, like fashion brands, quick replacement can make quick profits! But West Ride never compromises on quality; it invites artists to draw images and designs better clothes every season to attract consumers to buy. After all, for riders, comfort, durability, functionality are the basic elements, and of course they must be handsome enough. Only then can you drive a handsome car (laughs).

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