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by May club 26 Sep 2016 0 Comments

『BRING'EM DOWN TO THE SHOP』 - When a local American knight encounters a situation, he will hear a unique and distinctive sentence spoken by the knight.

The literal translation is "bring the car to the shop" or "bring the car to the shop", but in fact, the word "SHOP" here does not represent "storefront", but the concept of "shared garage" . Due to its vast land, sparse population and mature culture, it is quite common to repair and maintain your own car in the United States. People with a certain living standard have their own garages. Of course, there are also many people who cannot have private garages due to various reasons. It may be financial factors or the home is not suitable for storing cars and parts. They gather for various reasons. Regardless of age or car type, the one thing they all have in common is their love for cars! Such a common garage is also called "THE SHOP", which makes them proud.

In the vast abandoned buildings or warehouses, many people place and share their own machinery and equipment, and this is where the locomotives are maintained and stored. There are countless such "THE SHOPs" in the United States, and they also name their "SHOPs", such as "THE VALLEY", "BRAVE TOWN", etc. For car enthusiasts in each area, it is like A holy land-like existence. The reason why it is regarded as a holy place is not only because of the many great cars, but also because it is home to people who love cars and rides in the area! The most important thing is their interaction and communication in this space, which combines everything. This is what they call "THE SHOP".

Nowadays, there are many such types of gatherings in Japan, not just Choppers, but also Vintage Racers or domestic old cars. Since most of them are engaged in occupations that have nothing to do with cars, they find time to gather together to play and chat about cars. Facing cars is the purest love, without any calculation or reservation, and they exchange their own experiences and skills. The place where pure feelings gather is "THE SHOP". Moreover, coupled with the long-term and extensive cultivation of motorcycle culture, more and more “THE SHOPs” are springing up all over Japan.

This season, WEST RIDE wants to express the irreplaceable friendship established through cars and the concept of sharing with each other, which is "THE SHOP". The original feeling of riding alone becomes even better through sharing experiences among friends. At the same time, in order to realize a rich life style with the bike, this is what we really want to do!


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