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Nevada hand-modified motorcycle factory-Busch & Busch

by May club 10 Jun 2016 0 Comments

Busch & Busch is a well-known modified motorcycle and customized leather goods shop in Nevada, USA. Founded by brothers Daniel and Lance Busch, it will subvert your impression of a typical garage studio.

It brings together leather production, metal sculpture, modified design, painted Pinstripe, etc. Almost all handmade projects you can think of are made by two people.

They began to engage in sheet metal welding and painting of automobiles in 1994 when they were in high school. After getting involved in the field of hot rods in 2000, they have since become more devoted and specialized in the design of motorcycle modifications.

You can fully feel their passion for hand-made products. Although they cannot be mass-produced, each work is One & Only unique, and every detail design and every trace is worth savoring.

West Ride, which has a good relationship with Busch and Busch, also invited the talented brothers to make long clips, applying different leather processing techniques, such as dyeing, stamping, engraving, nailing, sewing, etc., All Made in USA, in an attempt Recreating the beauty of the Old Biker Wallet in the United States in the 1970s and 1980s is quite on point!

Via \ Busch & Busch

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