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Comfortable and breathable jeans material-Zimbabwe Cotton

by May club 22 May 2016 0 Comments

When it comes to the choice of jeans, some people only look at the brand, while others pay attention to the style and details, the selection of hardware or the stitching method, and even Cone Mills, which pays attention to the originality of the fabric, and the warp dyeing is natural. Vegetable indigo dyeing, and Selvage selvage fabrics that pursue the high strength and density weaving methods that can be achieved with old-fashioned force looms are also available. But when it comes to the feeling of daily wear and skin, we have to talk about the heart of fabric - cotton.

At present, the world's high-end cottons include Island cotton, Egyptian cotton, Supima, etc., which are long-staple cotton that can achieve excellent comfort. However, if you want to make denim with both characteristics, it is Zimbabwean cotton produced in Africa. (Zimbabwe Cotton) is the most suitable; the local long sunshine and low rainfall can promote the growth of cotton fibers, which are long and strong, with comfortable touch and strong properties. In addition, the artificial harvesting method can filter out poorly grown or defective cotton, and it can have excellent luster after being woven into cloth. Various high-quality conditions make Zimbabwean cotton recognized as the top raw material for jeans.

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