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Character introduction-LOWBROW artist KNUCKLE (LITTLE CHOP DESIGN)

by May club 18 Jul 2020 0 Comments

The soft toys designed by LITTLE CHOP DESIGN have become a huge craze internationally in recent years. Every time they are released, there will be crazy buying. But in addition to being a doll designer, KNUCKE is actually also a senior in the field of Lowbrow art, and has dabbled in quite a lot. subculture elements!

The so-called lowbrow art can be traced back to the 1970s in California, USA. At that time, the influence of tiki culture, rock punk, HotRod cars, Comix underground comics, etc., allowed lowbrow artists to use various media such as cartoon graffiti, comics, toy sculptures, etc. Convey the display of underground subculture;

Different from the general public's elegant appreciation of the traditional academic Highbrow art taste, Lowbrow Art is presented with humorous purposes such as the pursuit of freedom and political irony.

Rober Willams, an important artist who laid down the term Lowbrow at that time, has repeatedly stated that when he was young, he was employed in the studio opened by Ed 'Big Daddy' Roth, the father of Kustom Kulture, and was deeply influenced by it.

During this period, he completed his Super Cartoon paintings one after another, and the Juxtapoz magazine established later also promoted more Lowbrow artists into the modern genre of pop culture.

Such diverse artistic expressions have also successively affected Japan on the other side of the Pacific. Modified cars, cartoons, and dolls and toys are all booming compared to the United States, and Knuckle is one of the representative artists!

Knuckle can be said to be Japan's senior lowbrow artist. He is not only familiar with Sign Painting, Pinstripes, Airbrush and other techniques, but also owns Old Triumph and Hot Rod. His works are rich in the fusion of various cultures. Therefore, Knuckle often sells his personal brand Little Chop Design participated in on-site creations at major auto shows and won many awards with his exquisite spray painting skills, showing his strong foundation in Kustom Kulture!

Knuckle is also one of the artists who has been cooperating with WEST RIDE, the brand represented by May Club, for many years, and regularly draws several designs every season. Friends who follow WEST RIDE should know that, and therefore participates in Niigata's WESTERN RIVER every year. The art activities held are created for everyone on the spot!

In addition, he is also a doll designer, and has designed dolls for world-renowned bands Suicidal Tendencies and AC/DC. May club was also lucky enough to have a Black Cat car model on sale for its seventh anniversary! In terms of style, there are many references to Monster. Whether it is the depiction of Rat Fink, Frankenstein, THREE-EYED LITTLE MISS and other weirdos, his strengths are his unique personal style of joking and vivid expressions, which are hand-painted by him. The colored works are even more sought-after flash sales!

With a large number of supporters and fans from all over the world, he has been invited to hold solo exhibitions in many places. In recent years, various types of soft plastic products produced in cooperation with the famous toy brand Headlock Studio have been collected by fans around the world! The character prototype of his friend CxTxM Masato is also added to the Kustom Monsters series. As one of the representative figures of Japanese American culture, Masato has a cool oil head shape, a knight vest, denim pants, and engineer boots, and a small nail hand. Details such as rings, skull bracelets and signature dentures are also faithfully presented.

Due to the deep friendship between May Club, Knuckle and Masato, we have obtained independent sales opportunities many times. For the 10th anniversary of May Club, with the help of Headlock, they produced the 10th limited edition orange and white monster!

The more you get to know him, the more you admire his talent. May club has continued to cooperate with Knuckle in recent years. Friends who like him may wish to pay more attention to our news! You can also follow his IG to enjoy more works: Knuckle331 , Knuckle2002


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