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May club 1303 first archery bracelet

by May club 03 Aug 2020 0 Comments

In 2015, we invited Monolith to help us make a 3rd anniversary flat bracelet. Using the purest printing method, we printed each totem on the three letters of MAY to form a bow and arrow shaped bracelet. At that time, few people insisted on this method of making real Indian silver jewelry. Each finished product was quite labor-intensive and could not be made by hand knocking out the molds one by one!

This year 2020, we collaborated with Monolith again with 1303 new brand planning. Through constant back-and-forth communication, we decided to continue the style of the bow and arrow bracelet, and changed it to superimpose the two ends of the bow and arrow to present a rich sense of layering. At the same time, we also used a special gilt Gold techniques are used to show more delicate and mature works.

This time we specially filmed the entire process of making a bracelet by a silversmith. He worked hard from morning to night and was only able to make one finished bracelet. This gave people a deep understanding that every bracelet is truly unique! 

We use 2mm thick silver sheet. Although the difficulty of knocking is greatly increased, the thick feeling when worn is unparalleled

The selected totem prints are also designed and arranged overall, taking into account the coordination and balance of style

The accuracy of tapping relies on years of experience. As long as your eyesight is poor or the tapping process is offset, all your previous efforts will be wasted and you will have to start over! 

In addition to totem printing this time, we also designed gilding lines to enhance the delicate texture; since the straightness and depth of the lines will affect the success or failure of gilding, we must first lay the foundation with fine line printing tools, and then use larger Use printing tools to deepen it. The smooth depth will make the subsequent gilding smoother.  

After the overall printing is completed, it is the cutting step. Use a wire saw to slowly cut along the shape  

Then use a file to slowly modify the edges from thick to thin. The angle and direction must be just right. There is no room for sloppiness in the process. Then the brand name is stamped on the back to complete the first stage of production. 

After the metal is beaten, squeezed, etc., the internal molecules of the metal become hardened and fatigued, and may easily break during subsequent processing. Therefore, the "annealing" step of heating and cooling can restore the metal's toughness. On the red-hot bow and arrow, even the half-finished product looks quite beautiful!   

Because printing too heavily can also cause extrusion and deformation, we use a small file and a jigsaw to remove the line metal, trim the width, and deepen the bottom by making a slightly concave curve.

Then 18K gold is slowly and evenly blended into the entire line to achieve the gilt effect. Because the melting point of 18K gold is higher than that of 14K gold, it is more difficult to control. Therefore, everything from temperature control to gold flow requires considerable delicacy. processing, otherwise the K gold will be obviously unevenly distributed. 

After polishing the overflowing K gold, uneven flow may be discovered, so the process must be repeated. However, the solder heated multiple times may mutate, making the production of the entire bracelet even more difficult.

Finally, the superimposed welding of both ends will also affect the display of the finished product. Since the bracelet is floating without support, the softened metal after heating may cause the bracelet to deform and fail. However, since it is welded flat and then recessed, the superimposed part at both ends cannot achieve a perfect arc, which is one of the difficulties that needs to be overcome during the production of this bracelet. 

Different from the 3rd anniversary archer bracelet, the complexity of the manufacturing process of this new 1303 first archer bracelet has also jumped to a new level; printing, welding, and gilding are the three major difficulties of this bracelet, but We are willing to challenge again and again, all for every customer who loves May Club, and provide you with something absolutely unique!

Pre-order period: 8/3 ~ 8/10
Pre-order discount: 19,800 yuan (original price 22,000, 10% off for pre-order)
Estimated delivery time: about one month

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