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Record of the wetting process of WEST RIDE 105 narrow jeans after using it for one month

by May club 13 Sep 2015 0 Comments

Today, WEST RIDE's two regular jeans are on sale. Many people have asked about washing. A few days ago, I just put the WR105 that I have been wearing for a month into the water. I will also write down my habits. Of course, everyone has questions about the washing method and The length of wearing time is different, and the original WEST RIDE is the ONE WASH version that can be worn directly after purchase. This article is a reference for friends who want to wash jeans one day~

After wearing it for a month, I can see that the cotton batting of this Zuo Ling denim has floated up, but except for the places where it is often rubbed, there is basically no obvious fading, because I didn’t deliberately fuck it, but I specifically chose it at the beginning. W32 is a bit looser, but I hope it will develop more beautiful lines, and the current performance is quite satisfactory! After taking the photo, I went straight into the water!

I will turn the pants on the wrong side and button them where they should be buttoned (to avoid unnecessary traces during the washing process). Some people will throw them into the washing machine and wash them quickly. I am used to soaking in a bathtub if I have one. I soak the front and back three times each in warm water. It only lasts for a few minutes (it’s only been worn for a month). A little rubbing in the middle and a cigarette by the way are enough (laughs)

I didn't use a machine to dehydrate or dry this piece. Instead, I dried it directly in the shade, and then exposed it to some sunlight. After making sure it was completely dry, I ironed the edge of the fabric. This step is the only one that is specially designed to create a beautiful color.

This is what it looks like on the third day of wearing it after washing. Slowly it has turned into a pair of jeans that is unique to me and has become more and more comfortable. I will share the development path of this jeans later depending on the situation!

WR105 is really a pair of pants that I like more and more. I tried on WR101 today and it feels different. Let’s take a look~

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