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Character introduction - WEED's GDW STUDIO leather artist engraving tattoos

by May club 11 Sep 2015 0 Comments
WEST RIDE cooperates with Spring and Summer and is one of the four artists participating in RUMBLING ART SHOW. WEED from General Design Work Studio is a very unique leather artist who uses both carving and tattooing techniques. In addition, WEED is quite retro and old-fashioned. Tasteful style, the work has a quite unique atmosphere
The effects of applying the techniques of carving and tattooing to the works are wonderful, and the style is also very strong. Magazines often report on WEED's works, and WEED has been invited to participate in many activities, whether it is tattoos or knights and other American cultural activities. , attract attention wherever you go!
Of course, such unique techniques and styles are not limited to leather goods. GDW STUDIO’s paintings are also very spot-on. However, in fact, most of them are also presented using leather, don’t you believe it? Keep reading~
It looks very handsome from a distance, but it will make you gasp in admiration when you look up close. This is the unique charm of WEED and a proof of its strength!

This article doesn’t need much introduction, the photos can speak for themselves, what a great artist! By the way, these works of GDW STUDIO are on sale. Apart from West Ride stores in Japan, they can only be seen at May club in the world. Welcome to the store to appreciate them ^^ (laughs)

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