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WEST RIDE x CHOOKE collaboration & SISSY BAR introduction

by May club 18 Sep 2015 0 Comments
Before talking about the single product WEST RIDE, many friends may not know SISSY BAR, so let everyone have a background first~
SISSY BAR refers to the rear seat backrest. The most common place is in the CHOPPER style modified by Harley. But in a broad sense, it is not only CHOPPER nor only Harley. Because it is not only functional, but also often regarded as A kind of decoration that can be seen on various models, and SISSY BAR also comes in a lot of shapes, both old and new like Harley.
You can see it in many photos and articles we posted before. Many handsome guys have SISSY BAR installed on their handsome cars. WEST RIDE, who loves CHOPPER, also asked CHOOKE to make three styles of SISSY BAR pendants, including brass and pure. Silver version, whether you like CHOPPER or simply like this kind of unique jewelry, take a look at our introduction and matching below!
BAYONET, with the shape of a knife, can be said to be the most ferocious SISSY BAR, and it is also the most classic one. You can see various sizes of knives on many old products. It is super handsome!
SWASTIKA, which is the swastika that represents luck in Indian culture, is also a frequent customer of SISSY BAR. The 1941 old man who introduced MASATO before DEAD MAN is the SISSY BAR of swastika
PEACE, the beautiful twist roll shape, is also often seen in SISSY BAR
with CHOOKE The Guardian Bell is used as a keychain, a symbol of luck and protection, which is very meaningful.
It’s also great as a necklace. There are three shapes, plus brass and sterling silver, a total of six choices, which will definitely match your original pendant!
Paired with CHOOKE's red bead string, it is also a great choice to wear alone, with a unique visual effect
Many friends say it is difficult to choose. Do you have any ideas after reading these combinations? !
If you really can’t choose, then buy some WEST RIDE clothes first! There are three styles above (laughs)
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