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Chooke - Canteen Beads

by May club 17 Jul 2015 0 Comments

If you are studying old Indians, you must have seen Silver Beads like this. Silver beads are the earliest silver jewelry made by the Navajo people (even earlier than Squash Blossom ).

(Navajo’s first silversmith, Atsidi Sani, wears Silver Beads with Naja’s necklace.)

Because the Navajo people admired the shell and turquoise beads ( Heishi Beads ) made by the Pueblo people before they learned how to make silver, so after learning the silver-making technology, they tried to beat Mexican coins into semicircles and weld them up and down. Hollow Silver Beads can be strung into a necklace and worn.

At the same time, it also continued to trade shells and turquoise decorations with Pueblo. The application of turquoise can be seen in the common combination of Naja and the later Squash Blossom .

Chooke's most distinctive silver bead series - Canteen Beads, is also made from silver coins and incorporates the shape of the tobacco pot that the old Indians would carry with them. To the Navajo tribe, the tobacco contained inside is used as a Medicine is also a sacred symbol, so some totems will be stamped on the outside of the tobacco pot. Chooke reduced the shape of the tobacco pot and also stamped it with totems that are important to the Indians. It is a very unique design, with the spirit of the old Indians but also A truly original work that incorporates your own ideas!

Canteen Beads have four shapes in total, and eight shapes with different printing on both sides. Each one is handmade and printed by Chooke. No one will be exactly the same, which is Chooke's unique charm! Once you experience it and own it, you will be deeply fascinated! !

It can be paired with red beads alone to create a decorative look, or it can be combined with other Chooke silver beads to form a bracelet/necklace. Interested friends can come to the store to discuss customization!

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