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SunKu 39 - Heishi Beads

by May club 20 Jul 2015 0 Comments

SunKu’s beaded bracelets use quite a variety of materials and styles, some of which are Old beads, trade beads, silver and copper beads, my favorite indigo, natural stones, and this A style composed of flakes~

Called Heishi Beads, after the Pueblo Indians, in past centuries Natural shells have been used as beads since ancient times, mainly for trade in the Gulf of California. The origin of trade beads can be said to be it's the same! Later, it was also made of metal and stone, dating back to the third century Thousands of years ago, ostrich eggshells were used in Africa to make similar production methods. interesting!

May club not only sells goods, but also allows you to understand the connotation, often a What the brand wants to express is not just appearance, but it is reduced just through others. This is what we really want to introduce^^

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