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by May club 14 Jul 2015 0 Comments

In the United States, it can be said that the BORN FREE SHOW, which has the largest number of Harley Chopper riders participating in the event, was held for the seventh time at the end of June this year. It was also the fourth time that West Ride participated in the show. Very few Japanese brands participate every year, which further shows that West Ride is committed to the show. Love from the birthplace of Chopper! The autumn and winter products that will arrive later will also include an Oak Canyon leather jacket, which is named after this venue!

Through the introduction of Minister Ota, I saw many handsome cars and handsome guys at the scene, and of course Masato from CxTxM also participated! Click on the photo to take a look. If you are interested, you can also go online to see more photos about BORN FREE SHOW 7. West Ride is also sold in the United States and is also loved by many Harley enthusiasts. You can see that there are many of our Ota at the scene. Sang’s good friend also went to many local friendly stores after the two-day show, including TRI co, which just came to NBHD to hold an event a while ago. It was really interesting. Just like he said, I should go there together next year.

The minister also brought back the BORN FREE SHOW venue T from the United States this time. The quantity is not large, but we have also secured some and they will arrive later! Friends who like it are looking forward to it! I also received good news today. Some of West Ride’s regular products may have a chance to arrive in advance this month~~~

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