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West Ride - Big Boss Hokkaido 700km

by May club 12 Jul 2015 0 Comments

Take a look at the three old Panhead Harleys of West Ride’s Big Boss. I rode one of them from Niigata yesterday. A store arrived in Hokkaido to hold an autumn and winter exhibition. It is the 1958 FL in the middle. It has been with Big Boss for more than 20 years. It can be said that it has been with Big Boss for more than 20 years. Western River has grown up and changed its appearance many times. I saw the actual car in the previous post. The video of ick start is cool!

For Big Boss and Minister Ota, cycling is both a hobby and a job. I enjoyed it so much that I rode more than 700 kilometers to Hakodate and even joked that he went swimming. XD

Both seniors are very nice. I will talk to you about Boss when I have time. Next I will introduce some handsome photos of Minister Ota who went to Born Free Show 7 in the United States. He has just returned to Japan and will fly to the United States again at the end of the month to take autumn and winter image photos. , please also look forward to this year’s West Ride autumn and winter catalog ^^

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