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American century-old classic hat brand - Stetson

by May club 12 Apr 2016 0 Comments

Stetson hat brand with a history of 150 years is a classic representative of American manufacturing. The founder, John Batterson Stetson, is recognized as the originator of cowboy hats. He inherited the skills of his hatmaker father and designed and manufactured the first cowboy hat in the 1860s. Its wide brim can effectively protect against the sun and rain, and it is a high-end product. The use of animal fur also has the properties of keeping out cold and wind, and its excellent waterproof effect can even be used as a container to draw water for horses to drink in the wild. The cowboy hat, which is practical all year round, has been launched.

In 1865, John B. Stetson started his own hat-making business in Philadelphia. His excellent hat-making quality beat out many other hat-makers and became popular among them. As the business grew, he began to hire people to help make hats and produced many different types of classic hats. payment. Relying on his smart business acumen and the introduction of modern machinery and equipment, as well as Stetson's consistent quality assurance, he developed into the world's largest hat maker in the early 20th century.

What is even more talked about is that in 1912, a USS Main battleship that sank in 1898 was salvaged, and a Stetson hat was found that had been soaked in seawater for nearly 14 years and covered with mud and aquatic plants. However, it has been Even after cleaning it was still in perfect condition! Remarkable to the world with its high-quality durability and waterproofness.

To this day, Stetson is very particular about the classic styles of different hats, high-quality natural materials, and hand-made details, conveying the simplest spirit of the American West: being determined to do the best you can.

The brand style of BAD QUENTIN , which we represent, has a touch of old American style and western culture, which is very suitable for STETSON. This time, the joint products of both parties are designed to compete with STETSON's retro models OPEN ROAD, WHIPPET, and STRATOLINER. The manager, Mr. Nosaka, further studied the depth of the hat body, the width of the side scarf and the overall outline to modify and make the wooden mold. The completed " BRONCO " gentleman's hat can be worn in various styles and angles. Big plus!

The felt material is made of rabbit fur or even antelope wool, which is more advanced and soft than wool. The thin ribbons of similar colors correspond to the piping of the brim of the hat, which is quite elegant. The inner side is made of high-quality goat leather with hot stamping and embossing of the logos of both brands, and there are also small bows at the seams as finishing touches. Every detail is very tasteful!

What’s special is that the storage and packaging are also very attentive. The round box-shaped protection allows the hat body to maintain its original perfect inscription. The image also reproduces the original hat box style of the 1930s, depicting the charming colonial scene of the 18th century.

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