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What about goatskin leather?

by May club 06 May 2016 0 Comments

I share the West Ride goatskin vest from my friend’s handsome dad. The longer it wears, the softer it becomes and the better it fits the body shape. It also has a charming leather texture and luster!

Some laymen may think that the rare goat skin is cheap leather. In fact, this is not the case. For the leather market, it is simply a by-product of meat. If people eat more goats and less cows today, I believe goat skins will be more abundant than cow hides. Goat leather is also softer than cowhide, and also has high toughness and scratch resistance. If you want to order a goatskin Birkin bag at Hermes, you must have VIP status. Of course, the price of leather is also much higher than that of ordinary cowhide. !

As for the production of goatskin, which was relatively rare in early British leather clothing, it has returned to the fundamentals of market supply and demand and origin! For example, Vintage Highwayman has never used goatskin to make leather jackets. Most of them are still made of sheepskin, followed by cowhide and horsehide!

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