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by Dragon Chiu 19 Dec 2017 0 Comments

More than two years ago, it was the first time I went to Qianlibang and the first time I went to Tainan to watch the sand racing. I met a group of Tainan wild kids from TNNBC who are also very passionate about this culture. Thank you for your activities, so that we in Taiwan can also Enjoy the thrill of running and killing!

This year, I finally participated in the third The Nasty Wheels Race in person, so I was very happy! It also made up for the regret that Chirihama didn't make it. I would also like to thank many friends for their help, especially the BIKE WORKING SHOP who drove out MC86 all night, and saw many people wearing our agency brand products on site. It was a very happy day!

To paraphrase FREE BIKER : "We may live in an environment that is extremely unfriendly to people who play with cars, but the power of gathering everyone's strength and working together towards the same goal cannot be underestimated." 』It’s really cool to be able to ride your own bike on the sand in Taiwan!

This year everything comes to a perfect end with this event. Thank you for your hard work! Be handsome again next year! !

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