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Life interpretation of Biker culture - Mark Motorcycles (黄Mark)

by Ryan Lin 29 Nov 2017 0 Comments

When it comes to the important indicators of Taiwan's biker culture in the past ten years, in addition to the representative magazine Free Biker , it is a group of amateurs who relied on their enthusiasm to play cars in the early days. Mark Huang, the director of Mark Motorcycles , is one of them. Long before Free Biker was established, there were no Facebook, Instagram, etc., and the available online resources now are basically zero. We can only study Japanese magazines, use domestic light-block vehicles as materials, and use very scarce resources. To complete the handmade car in your mind.

Mark Huang recalled the hard but happiest period at that time. He had ideas, but for the factory at that time, they were simply unimaginable. Being turned away was a common occurrence. What he went through during the process of building a handmade car from scratch. The twists and turns are hard to count, but a group of cyclists discuss how to modify them to be the most handsome, and they want to share the novel things they discover as soon as possible. They simply love cycling and enjoy the freedom and unrestrained taste. "Cars" are like their lives. a part of.

Interest + Passion = Success

Mark’s open-air auction has a dazzling array of modification kits, including hundreds of modification kits. Among them, the “package” option is quite eye-catching. Consumers can achieve a certain degree of modification at a more economical and affordable price. It is most suitable for car enthusiasts who have just entered the circle but have no clue about modification. Convenience, a smart idea for mutual benefit between consumers and stores, is also the spark generated by the mutual stimulation of Mark's interests and work;

I graduated from the University Department of Culture and International Trade. I was very interested in doing business since I was a child. However, after graduation, I worked in the purchasing department of a garment factory. I was faced with boring numbers every day. Cycling, modifying cars, and racing with fellow riders seemed to be the only ways to relieve stress. Pipeline, after work, sells some independently developed computer holders and parts collected at home and abroad through the Internet. Unexpectedly, it is welcomed by the majority of car enthusiasts. It is like an oasis in the desert injecting new life into the market. I smell it. Mark, who saw this business opportunity, resolutely quit his job in a garment factory and turned his attention to online photography, which was immature more than ten years ago.

Located in a corner of Beitou, the brothers teamed up to create a car modification paradise

With a unique aesthetic sense and a natural acumen for business, Mark Motorcycles started from a small store with only three watch stands. Today, Mark Motorcycles ’ influence on the modification market cannot be underestimated. Even those who are new to the modification industry may be already in the industry. As a senior who has been working hard for decades, no matter what style, light-duty car, heavy-duty car, old car, etc., you will always see the shadow of Mark Motorcycles parts on the car, extending to Southeast Asia, Australia, and even the world-renowned modification shop Heiwa Motorcycle They are all customers of Mark, and the quality of products produced by Mark Motorcycles can be said to be guaranteed.

Driving an old truck (Haoma 747) to participate in the Junk Mucket event in July 2017

post-impact culture

Japanese magazines such as Cycle Headz and Street Biker were one of the few windows that enriched the biker culture at that time. Due to the language barrier, he could only appreciate and understand through flat pictures. The throbbing in Mark's heart was finally calmed down when he went to the Mooneyes exhibition in 2010. We saw many stunning and gorgeous works by masters in the exhibition hall, but what attracted Mark even more was the group of bikers in the outer parking lot. Watching the bicycle show at a close distance was like a performance, smelling the exciting smell of engine oil, and your heartbeats followed. The three-beat sound of the engine beats, and you can directly feel the passion when people interact with the car. It is far more addictive than watching the car, and it also paved the way for Mark to change his car style in the future.

Participated in HRCS (parking lot) held in Yokohama, Japan in 2013

You have to hitchhike with people to be called culture

If we only divide the modification styles into New/Old School, then most of Mark Motorcycles' works tend to be orthodox Old School, but many people often confuse shabby, dirty and Old School. Mark believes that regardless of the year, style, or shape, they should be appropriate. Keeping the original appearance, excessive beautification and processing will destroy the connection with people. For car enthusiasts who have admired Mark's works, if they carefully look at the proportions, completeness, details, and ingenuity, they are no worse than those clean cars. On the contrary, There will be a feeling of "someone must be riding this car", which is the atmosphere that Mark is pursuing.

2011 Harley-Davidson 883L

1979 Yamaha XS650

1982 Yamaha XS650

Modification Circle Catalyst

Taiwan has no shortage of talents. There are experts in various industries such as painting, sheet metal, seat cushioning, and car repair. The difficulty lies in integrating a car from beginning to end. It requires a lot of knowledge to judge whether the plan is reasonable and good skills. Aesthetics can specifically convey the above ideas to the master, and Mark Motorcycles plays the role of threading the needle. The reason why the handmade cars produced by Mark are unique is that he has read a lot of information and knowledge about modified cars. After integration The advantages are absorbed and presented according to the characteristics of each car, and the pursuit of "coolness" is almost paranoid. Even in the small places that cannot be seen, no matter how much effort and time is spent, there is no compromise, showing the so-called craftsman's insistence. meaning.

Mark’s early work (SR400) started from drawing design drawings and combined various Taiwanese handicrafts into works of art.

"Although everyone complains about the government and the general environment all day long, and envies Japan and the United States for their openness, the current situation will not change if nothing is done. Therefore, under this sky full of frameworks, we must play hard and try our best. change. 』

Biker cultural pioneer

After returning to Yokohama in 2010, I bought a 1977 Shovel engine the next year. Anyone who has played with old cars will understand that the suffering in the process is not something ordinary people can endure. It is common to buy the wrong parts, and after finally repairing it, you can't ride it. New problems arise several times, which is the biggest setback. The endless cycle of reincarnation makes many people who are interested come back frustrated. What’s interesting is that although the process of playing with old cars is painful, the sense of accomplishment after cracking them is also incomparable. This is also the main reason why old cars never wither. After six years of multiple overhauls and major changes, I finally mastered the personality of the old Harley. , plus a 1964 Ironhead, a 1979 Yahama XS650 and a recently purchased 1990 Nissan e23. Mark can still have such enthusiasm and perseverance in such a bad environment. It is really amazing that a Real Biker should be like this.

1964 Harley-Davidson Ironhead


The promotion of Japanese Biker culture is mostly led by the clothing circle. In the early days, people who loved vintage clothes, paid attention to American culture, and rode Harleys were considered a very niche group in Japan. However, others are gradually attracted by their clothing, lifestyle and riding style, and the number of people is getting bigger and bigger. The more you play, the deeper you will get. After absorbing enough historical and cultural heritage and new knowledge in many aspects, you will finally emerge from Japan's own Biker culture.

Mark Huang, who has been immersed in the modification circle for nearly fifteen years, has completely understood that in addition to the bike itself, clothing and equipment are one of the indispensable elements of the entire culture. In addition to the overall clothing matching, Even the choice of helmet has its fascinating historical context. I always hope that I can coordinate with the handsome car that I have worked hard to modify, and even in ordinary life, people can feel that you are a person. As a member of this biker culture, a car or a person should not become two different things.

Mark often wears West Ride , the brand we represent. This time, the three-party co-branded T-shirt launched by May club and themed on the Chirihama sand running event in Japan has also been recognized and loved by Mark! The WEST RIDE prisoner horizontal stripes are combined with a long-sleeved T, paired with the main image drawn by Japanese tattoo artist CxTxM with decades of unique vision. The image not only combines the Panhead Lao Ha who competed in the Chirihama sand race in May club, but also the Skeleton Rider. Details such as Racing Jersey from the 1920s and Checker Helmet from the 1950s are also displayed on the clothing.

Although the Chirihama event was eventually canceled due to typhoon factors, the spirit of our beloved motorcycle culture will never die! As Mark said, if nothing is done, the current situation will not change! Let us continue to work hard for this culture!

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