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Character introduction - FUSTY WORKS (KEN SUGIHARA)

by May club 28 May 2017 0 Comments
Friends who are paying attention to the car racing circle in Japan will probably find this person.
His creations have a unique ancient atmosphere, and the word "FUSTY" itself has this meaning
CLUTCH has related interviews
The magazine calls FUSTY WORKS a new generation of artists attracting worldwide attention

Check out the video introduction~
Don’t blindly follow trends, let alone imitate them
Create whatever you want and enjoy the fun of creation
This is what FUSTY WORKS emphasizes
It is also because of this concept that makes him so unique and dazzling!
It is not difficult to find from IG that FUSTY WORKS has participated in many well-known old car sand racing events in the United States in recent years.
TROG has been using FUSTY WORKS for several years. The images of its works have a consistent ancient feel and are full of tension!
FUSTY WORKS has a good relationship with OLD CROW
In addition, I often follow Cooperation with well-known handmade car master CHEETAH
Speaking of CHEETAH, one cannot help but think of Shinsuke Takizawa
NEIGHBORHOOD is also quite close to FUSTY WORKS
FUSTY WORKS has a wide range of friends
In addition to the big names mentioned earlier, Japanese car racing celebrities who are quite active in the United States
Master Kimura, painting masters GEN and BRAT STYLE are also his friends.
FUSTY WORKS Zengbang BRAT STYLE drew many patterns
The works in JEFF DECKER's hands are also made by FUSTY WORKS

ADDICT CLOTHES and FUSTY WORKS have previously held an exhibition at DEUS together
Skateboarding legend at the time STEVE is also here

WHEELS & WAVES are also introduced ( click here for the article )
His brimming talent has not only attracted many well-known brands to invite him to draw works.
As a result, I became friends with many heavyweights who play cars in Tokyo.
In addition to the above introduction, ADDICT CLOTHES, which we represent, also has a good relationship with them.
Includes ADDICT CLOTHES glass painting, LOGO design and old-fashioned pictures on the wall
The style designed by FUSTY WORKS has a particularly retro atmosphere
The three images are also used on this season’s spring and summer short-sleeved items.
Wonderful designs are coming soon!

Friends who are interested can check out the relevant links
Additional scene: the swastika we keep mentioning (laughs)
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