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Chooke - Indian silver jewelry that reinterprets old silver coins

by May club 04 Apr 2015 0 Comments

A year ago, a high-profile brand was born in Japan. It combines "old silver coins", the raw material of old Indians to make silver jewelry, with Hobo Nickel coin relief art, plus traditional Indian silver jewelry Stamped, Repousse and other processing techniques, to create a brand-new The idea is to re-present Native American Jewelry, this is "CHOOKE".

I would like to introduce this independent producer as a person who likes old things, loves old American culture, wears old American vintage clothes, rides an old Harley from the 1960s, and silently hammers out the birth of CHOOKE one by one in the studio.

Currently, there are only four places in Japan where you can see the items he makes, because the output is really very small! It's very low-key, but many magazines have seen the exposure of CHOOKE, and it has accumulated many fans!

As he said: There are very few people left in Japan making silver jewelry by hand like this, and no one is doing such a thing on old silver coins! After working hard for many years to learn skills, I was finally able to present my favorite and unique silver jewelry!

He also wants to be on par with several Japanese silver jewelery masters, Mr. Takahashi of Goro's and Takayama Takashi of Stop Light. He wants to be a maker with his own silver jewelery characteristics, so he works hard every day!

Because our concepts are similar, we discussed many cooperation details and placed orders to produce many good products last time in Japan! We are honored that May club has become the first overseas store to officially introduce CHOOKE. Please look forward to it! Next, I will introduce this good brand to more people~

coming soon...

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