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Fred Harvey Style

by May club 03 May 2015 0 Comments

Today I was discussing with some friends about the vintage Indian jewelry in the store. I was curious as to why the Indians wanted to make these silver jewelry. ? !

Attached is the store introduction I took in Japan. By the way, let’s talk about it. In the United States, it started in 18 In the 2000s, railroads were laid due to the gold rush and also opened up the Midwestern United States ( (Indian activity area), and in the 1870s, a man from K Fred Harvey of Ansas opened a railway restaurant next to the railway. Because of his good management, he also opened a railway restaurant. He began to sell local products to tourists. The local products included silver jewelry made by local Indians by Fred Harvey. Because of its popularity, , the vintage Indian jewelry seen in the picture saw a surge in production from the 1910s to the 1940s, and was called For Fred Harvey Style

( One of the stores opened by Fred Harvey around 1910)

Let’s talk about the Indians again, especially the Indians who were the first to come into contact with silver jewelry making. The large Navajo people learned to use silver tableware and silverware in the 1850s. Coins and other sterling were used as raw materials to make silver jewelry, and in 1880 due to Provide Fred Harvey with these raw materials and turquoise for the Indians to make finished products Sales, many Indians have been involved in the silver jewelry industry since 1900 until Now~

Later I had the opportunity to chat more, and looking back, the store now also sells vintage age Indian jewelry, there are also CHOOKE made of silver coins, and they are also available Please ask Takashi Takayama to make Stop Light’s silver spoon, isn’t it interesting? XD

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