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WHITE PANTS that continues to burn, a charm that belongs to BIKER

by May club 05 Sep 2015 0 Comments

Anyone who pays attention to Japanese knights should have discovered many BIKERs wearing WHITE PANTS in recent years. It is probably an alternative to jeans, prisoner pants, WABASH pants, etc.! Especially last year and this year, many brands have been launched, including pure white ones, and some that are more cotton-like and off-white. The weaving methods, pants styles, and styles are actually quite diverse. Today, let’s take a look at this spreading charm~

Not only Japan, but also many foreign knights are like this, even some are all white!

Among them, NAU-san, the NBHD designer who rides an old Indian, is probably the most famous. In the past few years, looking at him from the first picture in this article to the cover of the magazine, from pure white to full of stains that cannot be washed away, he may look like Just like jeans, it also records the experience of these pants, and the experience of integrating people and cars. Isn't it cool?

The above are some well-known stores and people. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know them, but you can see the similarities^^

MASATO processed white pants, cool!

There are many handsome guys riding handsome cars, and they are all wearing WHITE PANTS.

Wearing WHITE PANTS also makes you look more unique!

Of course, it’s not limited to cycling, it’s also suitable for everyday wear! If you haven’t owned WHITE PANTS yet, you should give it a try^^

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