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Character introduction - BENTENKOZOU's professional photographer UP-SWEEP BIKER

by May club 04 Sep 2015 0 Comments

Professional photographer BENTENKOZOU is also one of the photographers of Japan's BIKER magazine UP-SWEEP. Through his lens, you can see the style of many Japanese knights. Of course, his professional field is not limited to this. From his photography collection and soul talent You can understand that these books can also be read in the store. Many of the photos taken are closely related to the May club agency brand. Today I will introduce BENTENKOZOU

Before looking at the photos of knights he took, of course, first take a look at this handsome man’s SHOVELHEAD. It has also been modified many times. It can be seen that he is very satisfied with its current appearance. He often rides to long distances in various places, which is also very common in his photos. I took photos of this handsome car and the beautiful scenery. If you want to see the changes of this car☞You can read this article

BENTENKOZOU, who grew up in Shonan, not only likes cycling, but also surfing, skateboarding, and tattooing, so he is good at shooting and has a wide range of vision. Here are some photos of handsome cars and handsome guys to share!

Many photos are very exciting. If you want to see more, why not go directly to BENTENKOZOU’s new exclusive official website ? ☞Look here , there are also many photos written in the blog before. ☞You can enjoy them slowly here , and you can also check IG ☞ Look here , life is quite exciting, and I took a lot of great photos when I went to the United States before.

In addition to knowing cars very well, BENTENKOZOU also knows a lot about the stores and clothing culture that he often comes into contact with. Cycling and dressing in Japan are definitely closely related. The car you modify should be cool and the clothes you wear should be cool too!

The above two pictures fully express that the car modification should be handsome, and the clothes should also be handsome. The beauty of the other half is the added value (laughs), and the necklace BENTENKOZOU is wearing is the SUNKU we sell, and he also wrote an article introducing it☞ Read this article , yes, you can see from his official website that he has a close relationship with these Japanese brands, several of which are represented by May Club. Take a look below at the brands photographed by BENTENKOZOU ~



MASATO, which is related to both WEST RIDE and STOP LIGHT

Not only are they closely related, BENTENKOZOU also often participates in some designs and even co-brands with brands, such as the three-party co-branded styles with CHOOKE and THE HIGHTEST END. He participated from the proposal to the final product shooting. The most impressive photos of CHOOKE's knock-out production are also Photographed by him, click to take a look^^

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