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SunKu 39 Official exclusive agent in Taiwan

by May club 22 Jun 2015 0 Comments

I still remember that we introduced some similar accessories more than a year ago. This summer, M ay club found a better choice, but also Beams, Fre SunKu is also sold in major Select Shops in Japan such as ak's Store and has obtained the exclusive agency in Taiwan!

SunKu is the pronunciation of 39 in Japanese, and is similar to the pronunciation of Thank You in English. It means thanking everyone and everything that has helped and accompanied you along the way in life. Very meaningful~

Integrating the diverse cultures from the 1950s to the 1970s, Native American handicrafts are inspired by hippies, music and art, and free creativity.
The jewelry is created by integrating modern essential ideas. The works are not limited to glass beads, but also include silver jewelry series. The history of trade beads History also adds color to its culture. SunKu makes extensive use of century-old Ant ique Beads, combined with some natural stones and handmade by craftsmen, allows you to match When you wear it, you can deeply appreciate its connotation and value!

SunKu is very popular in Japan and often appears in magazines, although there are other brands Or the store makes similar products, but why is SunKu still so popular? And it is favored by many Select Shops because of its unique charm!

Welcome to experience it in person, it is now on sale in the store^^

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