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Agent brand WEST RIDE’s first visit to Niigata WESTERN RIVER for its autumn/winter exhibition

by May club 18 Jun 2015 0 Comments

WESTERN RIVER, located in Niigata, Japan, has been operating locally for more than 20 years. It is a store that all Japanese BIKERs want to visit. It is full of American style! Awesome! Today I attended the autumn and winter exhibition of its own brand WEST RIDE, which was very exciting! It is also a brand familiar to Japanese knights!

MAY CLUB has officially become WEST RIDE’s third overseas agent store in addition to the United States and Beijing, and is exclusively sold in Taiwan! Please look forward to CHOPPER SAVED MY LIFE this autumn and winter. We and WEST RIDE will present to you the pure Japanese BIKER culture!

WEST RIDE, which has been operating in the local American knight culture for more than 20 years, is in its 13th year of establishment. From every corner of the store, you can deeply feel why it is Japan. The place that RIDER all yearns for is also the future vision of MAY CLUB!

counter CHOOKE and SUNKU are placed in key areas, you can experience To the attention and love it has received~

On the left is NAKAI-san, the boss of WESTERN RIVER. Because he is very tall, we all call him Big Boss. He is a senior in the industry but he is very nice. There are quite in-depth studies on the spirit of culture, knights, vintage clothes, and costumes.

On the right is OTA-san, the second soul of WESTERN RIVER. We will also ask him to help with our WEST RIDE business in the future. He is a very caring senior! say him I have traveled to the United States regularly for 50 times, and I will go to the BORN FREE SHOW held by OAK CANYON with MASATO at the end of this month.

WEST RIDE is also one of the few Japanese brands that is familiar with and exhibits at American BIKER , which is great! There is also a chance to see the two of them in Taiwan in the future^ ^

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