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God-level denim 1948XX & 1948JXX beyond reproduction

by May club 22 Jan 2018 0 Comments

WEST RIDE has been establishing the brand for decades and has been reinterpreting classic clothing with its profound knowledge and experience in vintage clothing. It also focuses on the riding needs of riders, independently develops fabrics and uses modern functional materials to create riders who are indestructible and not influenced by fashion. Image, providing the highest quality products for friends who love American style!

In vintage clothing, the word "ORIGINAL" represents the clothing made in that era, which has experienced the baptism of time and has irreplaceable importance. Although there are many brands on the market trying to reproduce the clothing production of that era, they use modern The delicate contrasting techniques of some sewing machines are still just replicas, and it is difficult to achieve their "ORIGINAL". However, WEST RIDE and CONNERS SEWING FACTORY now launch "THE ORIGINAL" project, which not only transcends the scope of replicas, but also creates an irreplaceable "ORIGINAL" that transcends replicas.

At the CONNERS SEWING FACTORY in Shiga Prefecture, dozens of old sewing machines from before World War II are used, and the production process from cutting to sewing by one person is exactly the same as in the 1940s. The manager, Mr. Xiaozhong, has been interested in making clothes since he was a child. He has also repaired thousands of antique denims. His love and enthusiasm for antique denims has become an obsession!

With his full enthusiasm, Mr. Xiaozhong collects all kinds of antique sewing machines used in making denim clothing. Looking at the whole world, there is no such crazy person! Old sewing machines of that era were already rare, and not all of the collected machines could be used properly, requiring time to study and maintain. They were so precious that if one broke, the world would lose another! Moreover, sewing machines with different functions have different operating techniques. It takes a lot of time and energy to just get familiar with and adapt to them, which is not comparable to today's multi-purpose sewing machines!

Because only Mr. Xiaozhong is familiar with the complex use of various sewing machines and his rich knowledge of antique denim, the entire 1948 series relies on Mr. Xiaozhong, and the daily output can only reach two pieces at most. low productivity! In today's business environment that emphasizes maximizing profits, if you don't have an incomparable passion for Vintage, you simply can't survive! This also resonates with WEST RIDE who loves old cars; because whether it is an old Harley or an antique sewing machine, they have all faced the fate of being eliminated, but as long as you have love for them and are willing to enjoy the vibration of the engine or electric motor Feel and listen to their voices, and their lives will continue.

Overall, although the 1948 produced in this cooperation has many imperfections, because it reproduces the fabric, cotton thread and sewing techniques of the old era, it may not be as strong, strong and durable as modern denim products. Sex, but as you wear it, you will love it more and more. Then when the clothing is torn, you can sew it again and repair it. This kind of pure love can only be understood by those who are fascinated by Vintage.

Therefore, the phrase "NOT EVERY GARMENT GUARANTEED" is proudly printed on the leather label of 1948!

The background of 1948XX is set in the initial era of the PANHEAD engine owned by WEST RIDE President Nakai's Harley-Davidson 48FL "SEXUAL REVOLUTION 69". If there had been a WEST RIDE company at that time, what kind of "ORIGINAL" jeans would have been designed?

The representative 501 jeans from 1947 to 1954 coincided with the end of the wartime rationing system after World War II. In addition to restoring various pre-war details, it also laid the foundation for many representative changes; isn't this just like the PANHEAD engine, which has its own history? Is it a classic that connects the past with the future? !

God-level denim that goes beyond reproduction is here. The denim fabric is specially developed to reproduce the characteristics of the 1940 War Model. The rope-dyed Deep Indigo shows a very unique near-black deep indigo, and is tightened to 6.8 by an old-fashioned force loom. The twist of the warp yarn and the relaxation of the weft yarn of 6.5 can adjust the extremely obvious concave and convex differences. The color fade caused by uneven friction also has a unique long vertical fall. Because Mr. Xiaozhong has accumulated many antique denim repair experience, he can The development of such unique and unique fabrics is worth savoring the changes over the years.

The cutting of the pattern does not rely on precise computer calculations, but is all done manually. There are as many as 21 cutting pieces for each part of 1948XX alone, which also allows each piece of denim fabric to be bent at various angles to form different curls. Characteristics, through skilled technology to accurately grasp the tension of each piece of fabric, only then can you sew perfectly!

In addition to the 1948XX trousers, the 1948JXX denim jacket also has the same setting. It is specially developed in deep indigo that appears black. It has a single pocket shape with a pocket flap on the left chest, a pleated design on the front and an adjustment buckle on the back. Made according to the details of 506XX at that time, it is what we call the first generation denim jacket Type I.

The orange and yellow sewing cotton threads, hardware buttons and rivets during sewing were also specially developed. What is even more unique is the precise grasp of the operation of the antique sewing machine and the details of the manufacturing methods at that time, whether it is the direction of each sewing or the stitch length. The requirements, even rolling seams, overlocks, overcoats, chain lathes, etc., were all thoroughly analyzed and researched on the production background at that time, making it a true New Vintage!

Enjoy the clips of Mr. Xiaozhong making 1948XX! Just one single product requires changing various sewing machines many times, and it requires excellent skills and experience to make it! It makes people very proud to say that this is a god-level denim product that surpasses replicas!

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